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  1. nice! love the grips!
  2. junior, your glocks are BEAUTIFUL!
  3. im looking for a metal frame for a wa scw3 kimber custom ii. does anyone know where i can get a metal frame only (i already have the slide)? i need a black frame, cut for beavertail safety. it doesnt necessarily have to have kimber trades on it. thanx guys ^^
  4. friendlyfire how did you get that finish? it looks amazing! im guessing it was sanding/polish, but what combination? it makes me want to get a tm with a guarder kit just to try it.
  5. rhyyke

    USP Picture Thread

    anyone try one of those creation slides for the ksc usp .45? im curious about them but ive yet to see anything about them aside from being on uncompany.
  6. hkssr20det, how was the fit on the pgc kit? how much modding did it take to make it work? im thinking of getting the SA one myself.
  7. hey guys, are boomarms custom body kits usually easy or drop in fits? thanx guys.
  8. if a slide is cut for novaks, will the kimber sights fit? i want to get a slide for my silver kimber custom stainless, but i cant find a slide for it. the closest i found was for the kimber MARSOC, but i believe that has a novak sight. will the sight off my kimber fit? thanx guys ^^.
  9. im sure this has been discussed but searching came up with nothing. for those of you who have one, how easily does the marui g17 PGC slide fit? im planning to get a metal slide and the guarder frame for my glock, and cant decide between the pgc and the avalon. the avalon is nicer probably, but if the pgc is a drop in fit then i'll probably get that one. thanks guys ^^
  10. r. ocelot, how was the fit on that kit? what base gun did you use and how much modifying did you need to do? looks damn nice btw.
  11. i clicked all the links for the the international site but they dont work, is anyone else having this problem?
  12. here's the redwolf thing your brother is probably talking about: http://redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/...il?prodID=21800 its out of stock, but its just a marui 1911 with a guarder metal kit and some upgraded springs, so you can easily recreate it. i think the 1911s in sin city were silver tho, but that might have just been the black and white that made em look that way.
  13. in hitman: blood money, the 1911s are standard AMT hardballers, but can be upgraded to the longslide version.
  14. thats absolutely gorgeous.
  15. ahh ic ic that makes alot of sense. out of curiosity, how did you get it into silver?
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