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  1. KWA LM4 all the way. 15k rounds and going strong. Not a single jam. Mean time between failure (MTBF) is yet to be determined, but exceeding 15k for a gbbr is more than one can expect.
  2. Then it's prolly more of a design flaw than a crappy build quality. It's not easy to find TM p226 parts in my country, and imports of gun-related parts are super restricted. It'll be easier just to sell the gun and get a TM P226, and that's what I'll do. Path of least resistance I guess.
  3. I'm having issue with this gun going off accidentally when I decock the hammer too fast or even simply nudging the hammer down when it's decocked. I read in a forum somewhere that a few internal parts are getting worn down which cause the ND, and I read that TM replacement parts fits perfectly. Going to disassemble my p226 and see if the tale is true.
  4. I agree with Jayrod. I've owned half a dozen WE pistols myself, and used them in muddy, cold (0C), wet environment, and they performed outstandingly when my other GBB brands fail (those that starts with "K"). They are not perfect by any means, like the dimension is a tad off compare to the RS, the paint chips easily, but if I can put 5cm grouping at 5 meter, and 10cm grouping at 10 meter standing.. I can't ask more from a relatively cheap pistol. Poor-collector's guns I would say, and I don't know about IPSC, but they are more than good enough for skirmish. Longevity wise, I've put thousand
  5. I wonder if this holster would fit WE/HK3P P226.. Anybody tried? http://www.ebairsoft.com/holster-marui-p226-p-6829.html
  6. Is anybody experiencing a wobble, 0.5cm back and forth play on the cocking handle (in closed bolt position)? And if u do, what did u do to fix it? On the mp5sd3, does the plastic front grip supposed to wobble as it clamps freely on the tube? Thanks
  7. have you checked the 1st page of this thread?
  8. I waited 3 damn years for WE MP5.. false promise after false promise, test videos after test videos, and I eventually fed up and bought a vfc mp5. And just days after it arriving, WE announced that the mp5k is available for order, and the the rest of mp5 family may follow suit. Damn it, really.. the vfc mp5 is now sitting and waiting for the longevity mod parts: azimuth bolt guide and crusader feed ramp. I can see how the bolt's side to side play can really cause the nozzle to slam at the mag's fake-feedlips. I dont dare shooting it without the bolt guide.
  9. Honzo, If you look at the magwell on the right side of the gun, there are some markings that don't exist on other versions. Also, I guess there's a serial number engraved instead of the "Cal. 6mm BB" white painted marking on the top receiver (near the rear sight). These markings are censored in WGS's photos. I don't know whether the internal parts of this supposedly "limited version" is any different to the other versions.
  10. I think WE's internal is getting better after their rough first run with their closed bolt system. Although not as solid as the KWA, WE is excused for their quality considering that the price is cheaper than the others. Good bang for the buck.
  11. Thanks Brigg, Zereck! Great news indeed! I'm so getting one! I've had enough issues with my previous KSC M4, which made my life uneasy.. I don't want another drama with the MP5.
  12. Brigg, I'm curious about where did you get the information that WE is coming out with an MP5 in a few weeks.. Coz' I've been monitoring and waiting for this WE MP5 since 2010.. And still nothing so far..
  13. Brigg, What bb are you using with your KWA LM4? KWA LM4 can't use cheap bbs. Cheap soft bbs will break and causes jam and double feed. I used ICS and Cymax bbs in the past and they ruined the gun. I use KSC bbs now and 5000 shots later no jam/doublefeed. Sorry for discussing KWA LM4 in the Umarex MP5 thread. But just trying to help.
  14. Question, Gents.. AFAIK, the RS S&W M&P is a striker-fired pistol like RS Glocks.. So does the trigger stay back when dry fired? Or is it like WE/HK3P Glock which doesn't. Thanks
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