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  1. DarKVipeR

    WE P226 R

    Bought myself a 226 E2. Lovely pistol really pleased with it but be warned it will not fit a official blackhawk serpa. Compared it to my mates tm version and the slide is larger and squarer in shape. Now I'm baffled at what holster to get
  2. Heres my current blaster title 'To Hell and Back' Im quite pleased with how it came out, when i get bored ill just spray over, hope ya'll like it.
  3. Yeh I think you just boosted their sales lol. Might have a chat with Jon hehe
  4. Wild after using yours yesterday I will be purchasing one on payday. Friggin awesome
  5. Hey Guys, So after a few years out of the sport i was recommended this site (thanks hwagen) and i wanted to share a brief review of an awesome days softin. So firstly the DMZ (safe zone) nicely decked out, plenty of space to dump kit under shelter and a nice little shop too for all your bb, gas and food needs etc, and a few extras too. Fantastic spot as its so damn close to the site, less walking to play is good!. The site itself, varied and spread over two rather huge fields. Its a mid sized site id say but offers a good mix of terrain, woodlands, barracades and some open fields a
  6. DarKVipeR

    WE P226 R

    Damn nice little review, and after reading it i got immensly tempted to go buy one! Thanks
  7. Best pic i could get alone, its a WIP, casual/pmc/sf etc etc. Something is missing though and i cant work out what it is so sudgestions welcome, it really needs to just get scuffed to *suitcase* and dirty as fook, but everything is in the details and i think i need some more cheap bits. Luke
  8. My new gear, since im getting back into the sport after a few years out figured id pick up where i left off, with too much money spent on gear Few more details need to be added but there on the way Warrior assualt systems R.I.C.A.S Awesome quality kit at good prices Luke
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