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  1. Pleasure to deal with. Fast, prompt payment, good Comms.

  2. No one. As far as i know these guns are only issued in FDE. Also, i do not believe the SSR is in circulation anywhere beyond its test circles.
  3. The hopup units on these guns are ridiculous. Very positive adjustment, very consistent performance and an amazing seal despite the 9 foot long nozzle. Im very pleased with the MILDLY upgraded performance of my 350 fps blaster. Easily pegging head shots at 120 feet no problem.
  4. That rail fits just fine. You will however have to find a way to shim the barrel as it becomes free floating when that rail is installed and it WILL wobble in the barrel nut. Nylon spacers can take care of the wobble and make your barrel rock solid again.
  5. TM has already gone ahead and added this recoil system to their Ak line. Its not quite as nice as the M4 series but it is what it is.
  6. To address the question about FPS i will say that i am not advocating upgrading past 350 fps simply because for the Florida scene, 90% of the games require fps at or under 350. Do i think the gearbox can handle higher fps setups? Absolutely, without a doubt but again, i havent personally pushed any guns higher than that. Radius the cylinder window corners and you should be fine for quite a while.
  7. For me, the stock barrel nut wasnt the issue. It was fitting the wiring past the hopup unit without interfering with anything. Yes albeit loosely. You will need to shim the handguard either on the barrel nut side or handguard cap side.
  8. It is a REALLY tight fit, you're going to be hard pressed to fit that mosfet in there. The socom guns have a little wire retaining tab that the Sopmods dont have. It helps keep everything in place although its not needed.
  9. Finally, easy access to spare parts. Instead of using tape, blue threadlock will work out just great. Do NOT use red...
  10. Its not that it doesnt take stippling that well, its just that it doesnt take it as well as a polymer frame does. It also requires a little more thought and care when working on it since it tends to melt a HELL of a lot faster instead of deform like the polymer guns do.
  11. The Marui guns dont stipple the same way that the KSC polymer (g19) guns or the real steel polymer pistols do. The ABS on the Marui guns doesnt take heat well. Its still workable but it never looks as good as a polymer pistol.
  12. Rich basically summed it up. If TM cared about the international markets we would be seeing ALOT more Sopmod/socom carbines in the hands of players around the globe. Most airsofters here in the states dont even know what Tokyo Marui is these days. Its truly a sad state of affairs. As for my Sopmod, its still chugging along just as well as it was the first day i got it, granted its shooting significantly better considering i popped some upgrades in there but im still loving it.
  13. TM will not be represented. They've never been to shot show and probably never will be. You need to remember that TM does NOT care about the international market.
  14. Bane, You're digging your hole ever deeper with that ignorance shovel of yours... First off, have you ever actually handled a Colt m4? Namely a 6920 or perhaps an actual US military issued M4? I dont know about you but i have and while there are massive imperfections in these weapons NONE of them have a functional or for that matter any kind of real aesthetic detraction from the overall package. I am NOT the kind of guy that makes your life harder by complaining over slight niggles that seem "imperfect" in my eyes. I am however the guy that WILL point out true IMPERFECTIONS w
  15. Yes, there are billet receivers out there but they are still machined. Regardless of whether or not these receivers are forged the final machining process is just plain lazy. I dont know about you guys but im really getting tired of paying for ######, especially ###### that (naturally) is advertised as being "the best" and "awesomest" of them all! Get your ###### together inokatsu.
  16. While the "finish" on the receiver is nice the actual CNC machining is deplorable. Inokatsu needs to fire their machinist via execution. Those mold seams are a travesty for a gun that costs as much as that thing does. They tout such an amazing attention to detail and cannot even do away with flash? What a joke. I dont know why people spend their money on garbage like this and accept it as being "ok".
  17. Um... Costa and Haley basically use the AP micro's exclusively on their fighting carbines...
  18. Why do you say the star body kits are worth it and what are you modifying?
  19. You have an optic on a gun and two backup irons? Man, you're thorough...
  20. Hrm, the rifle looks huge!
  21. Magsz

    KWA SR10

    The improved finish on the body is a welcome addition. How positive is the selector switch?
  22. Thats not a PDW. Thats KAC's Scar contender that didnt win.
  23. Still too long to wait!!! Just gotta be patient i suppose.
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