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    ca g36e
    TM MP7
    de usp
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  1. Capt Barsteward


  2. Bought CA G36 parts, all good and as described, a good sale.

  3. quick, concise, excellent to deal with!

  4. quick, concise n excellent to deal with!

  5. great buyer, no bullsh1t straight up

  6. I bought a Prometheus barrel from Capt Barsteward. Good communication throughout, great packaging and the item arrived exactly as described. Would deal with him again. Cheers.

  7. speedy payment good communication

    top man

  8. Capt Barsteward


    i`ve been using them for some time now, never had any problems except for one time they forgot to put my hop up in the parcel but they have given such excellent customer service and ae very helpful in every way shape and form that i forgave them . 10/10
  9. Capt Barsteward


  10. Hawt Diggity Dawg

    thats a nice story

  11. exellent seller

    item as discribed and very well packed.

    buy off him again anyday

  12. Capt Barsteward


  13. Capt Barsteward

    What's your backup?

    mp7a1 for my right hand de usp for my left (both holsterd) its a great combo as i have a g36k as my primary which is not a ideal cqb weapon or if i`m feeling angry i have a m16a3 with a m203 on the bottom

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