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  1. Me just before yesterday's game. Hotter than Hell that day, so I decided to run with a lightweight setup.
  2. Sure, why not? PM inbound.
  3. Can anyone confirm if the slide and frame are compatible with a Marui?
  4. I'm currently in the market for a new GBB, and I am trying to decide between the metal SY P226 or the metal-slide KS USP. The USP is a good $20 more than the P226, but I haven't found any reviews of the P226 aside from initial ones. Can anyone who owns this gun tell me how it's performed in the long-term? How is gas consumption, feeding, et cetera?
  5. Man, I wish GMSOG wasn't five or six hours away from me, I'd have loved to hit up their games.
  6. From a game last week. For a while, the photographers were following me around, chronicling every one of my deaths in embarrassing detail. Only one of those photos made it online, though.
  7. Me a bit before a game last week. Hotter n' hell, it was.
  8. How's the polymer lower receiver holding up? Thinking about getting one for my G3, since the normal one does not inspire much confidence in me (grip always seems on the verge of shearing off).
  9. Man, seeing these G3s really makes me want to get another one.
  10. Proof once and for all that black still has a place in airsoft!
  11. How much did those Delta grips run you? Thinking I might get a set for my TM 1911.
  12. It kinda looks like the SCAR's unpleasant Czech cousin whom you might only see at awkward family reunions, constantly taking furtive sips from his mysterious flask and unreasonably demanding the DJ play folk music from his native town.
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