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  1. I ran MAG brand STAGNAG Midcaps for years until I got the bamf midcaps from Evike. I still have them as backup/spare mags.
  2. That's exactly how I would run a Vector if I had one. Good taste My two SMGs. I just added the Uzi to the family yesterday via a trade. The Evo is getting an mock 9mm Osprey as soon as the CCW version is released.
  3. I've had a TM m16a2 for about 10 years now, and its been serving me well ever since. Shoots about 375 fps and has a tightbore barrel. Only internal changes are a stronger spring, new motor, and mini type connectors so I can run 7.4 lipos on it rather than NiCad which is what it came with. I decided to give it a facelift, mainly due to retiring/wanting to sell my m4. It's going to serve as my grenade launcher platform now too (M4 used to do that), as well as likely be my primary weapon when I start attending MSW events on the NATO faction, so I needed to have some versatility. I like to think i
  4. Yeah I know its missing. Its been gone for a while. I'll get around to getting a replacement....eventually ¯\_(?)_/¯
  5. My KWA m4a1 is basically where I want it minus a PEQ box for the battery. I plan to start using TAG rounds once the warmer weather returns/more outdoor games happen around here again, so the leaf sight is for more than show ;P
  6. Did some work to my TM F1. Gearbox has not been modified so it still has the TM pixie dust. It now has a shortened Prometheus tight bore barrel, Prometheus hop up bucking, and it has been outfitted to mount a RG 108. Trying to figure out the best way to mount a flash light...best idea I can think of is a carry handle rail, with an off set rail connected to that. I'd have to give up the iron sights though, which I like on this gun
  7. I didn't even know they made an Xm26 O_o. What company?
  8. My newest addition. Pictures are from its first fielding this weekend. TM Famas F1.
  9. My newest addition. Pictures are from its first fielding this weekend. TM Famas F1.
  10. Took that tape pattern from the previous owner off. Thinking of spray painting it OD or some sort of camo pattern:
  11. KWA 1911A1, because I'm a sucker for the simplistic WWII style 1911
  12. Old school M4 peaking its head in. This is a v1 KWA M4 (One of the original release KWA m4s). Its currently shooting in the 380-395fps ballpark. That's a G&P M203 mounted to it. Next thing I'll do to it is slide the battery box back slightly, remove the front sight, and add flip up front and rears.
  13. My M1014/M4 (tri-shot). The camo pattern on it is from the previous owner...most likely keeping it on there.
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