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  1. I know we're getting off tangent on the MP7, but it does have to do with customer service. You're coming on here with a type of attitude unbecoming of a Commercial User, someone who is registered on here representing a professional company. Instead of coming across as, "Oh yeah, well what about that huh?!" You could have just stated, "Currently, through means of public knowledge, KSC Japan does not have any plans for a System 7 Mk23 or a Gas powered M4A1." Wonderful news, will be looking forward to those. Heard a lot of good things about the gun, and I'd really like to see for
  2. I sure hope if I ever have to email KWA that you don't answer those emails, allizard. I'd hate to be talked to like that as a customer with a problem. Also, I can't seem to find the KWA M4-A1 GBBR in your 2010 product catalog that someone showed me that they picked up at SHOT? Surely this is a mistake, seeing as I was told by someone that attended SHOT that the gun would be released 4th quarter of this year?
  3. I fit it in without the rails. Not sure about with them on.
  4. Should fit at its biggest setting with the foregrip folded. At least, it did in the one I tried.
  5. Guarder Tornado Holster works wonders if you don't care about a certain look.
  6. No, it's true that Allizard works for KWA USA, the main US based distributor of KWA products. In fact, I wouldn't put it past them if he is one of the VPs of the company. Now, if one is trying to imply that Allizard is employed by the people that actually manufacture the guns, then they are taking the ######.
  7. Seeing as I don't want to put a tracer unit on, it's pointless for me. Good for one of my friends, I traded it to him for more gas.
  8. Holy balls. This makes the silencer adaptor I bought from Readyfighter pointless.
  9. No, it's metal, it just wears down with extended use of the bolt catch. It's going to happen with either one no matter what.
  10. Wait for the KWA version running the NS2 system. KSC TP9 runs off the Hardkick system.
  11. I'm expecting that too, Shinden. However, knowing what KWA does to lower the power, more than likely, it's just the rocket valve is going to get the plug style one that comes with the KSC/KWA US version MP7. And if that's all it is, then I have a spare Firefly rocket valve for KSC Glock sitting in my parts drawer.
  12. I agree, my MP9 doesn't cool down at all on the first magazine. Even my Non-Hardkick TMPs don't have cooldown on the first mag. But that 400fps power is kinda nice. I guess we all can't have everything.
  13. I did three days after I bought it. As long as you change everything from the upper half, it works flawlessly.
  14. Probably because the KWA one will not have the B&T trademarks.
  15. More than likely, your bolt catch wore down. Same thing happened to mine.
  16. Pics or it didn't happen.
  17. Really? My MP7 still states otherwise (5000 rounds and counting).
  18. Damn, sounds like a hassle. But it's their policy, I remember it being like that when they had their old site. At least now you can join the Gas MP7 brotherhood! Why does Blackhawk have to discontinue all the cool *suitcase*? EDIT: Picture in quote
  19. Yeah, I help out to spread the word about them as much as I can.
  20. Personally, I don't mind trademarks unless it's something that I really like. Only reason I'm a miffed about this is that they're trying to justify something they have absolutely no control over. All they have to say is 'Umarex told us we had to make it like this or we couldn't make it at all' and just leave it at that. Instead, they're trying to talk about how law enforcement is requiring something as minute as trademarks for training purposes. If they were truly that stuck up about marking their training rifles, they'd do something to mark it as not being a firearm, something like making
  21. They can try to defend something they have absolutely no control over all they want, but the fact remains, Umarex trademarks are rubbish.
  22. Why would LEOs have anything to do with ###### Umarex trademarks? Umarex trademarks always suck *albatross*, the KWA MP7 is no exception. EDIT: For what it's worth, my KSC MP7 is still going strong, nearly 4,000 rounds already.
  23. The only thing that'll go sproing is the rocket valve itself. Aside from that, have something handy to pull back the springs sitting atop the nozzle itself.
  24. Honestly? Go with MP7. Both guns are incredibly awesome, but they're both not without their problems. The main difference is when the MP7 dies, parts will be readily available. When your MP9 dies, you have a pretty paperweight. And believe me, if you don't take care of either of them, they will die, and right fast.
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