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  1. zard

    1911 Picture Thread

    Looks like a 1911 mated with a golf ball.
  2. zard

    1911 Picture Thread

    MrManiac, have you made a copy of the grips you made for me to go on one of your own guns?
  3. zard

    1911 Picture Thread

    Thanks. It's a TM, painted black, with custom grips made from White Oak, and an 'O' ring hammer. Nothing fantastically special, but I think it works.
  4. zard

    1911 Picture Thread

    Inspired by the L4D 1911s. Waiting for my mate to make a rail for it, so I can mount my taclight to it.
  5. zard

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    Wish I could say that this is my handy work, but it's just my weapon. (Sorry for the poor quality, my almost, semi-decent camera is AWOL.) For those of you wondering WTF is that based on... I had a contact in a stores somewhere who managed to get me a Thermal Individual Concealment Suit (TICS), it's supposedly what some British snipers are being issued with. Looks like DPM but it's lacking the brown. I should mention that the paint work was done by Stealth Womble, marshal and all-round great guy from MIA.

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