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  1. Looks like a 1911 mated with a golf ball.
  2. Nice wood kit, although it looks a little strange (IMHO) with the OD Magpuls
  3. You mean that great big AK? Now, where's my prize?
  4. Ah! That's happy in it's new home, I can safely say. Although I had nowhere in my house to store it, so it was in the back of my car for a few days wrapped up, before it got to its new owner. How did the Nagant perform?
  5. The tiger looks quite peaceful, I'd have been hunting the chickens, you could have had a meal or three out of them. Seraphim989, nice load out there. What knee pads are those and, more importantly how well do they work? Do they keep slipping down?
  6. MrManiac, have you made a copy of the grips you made for me to go on one of your own guns?
  7. Airsoft News reported on this a week or so back, so should be available soon.
  8. Bought it from Gunfire by any chance? I did, and ended up binning it. I may save up and get a good one, one day. Either way, looks good.
  9. I guess I should have mentioned that while it is mine, a friend did the conversion for me. I'll happily take close ups mind, anything in particular you're after? And thanks for the comments as well
  10. Thanks. It's a TM, painted black, with custom grips made from White Oak, and an 'O' ring hammer. Nothing fantastically special, but I think it works.
  11. Click for big ones (Ooh err!) TM MC51 with TM SD Front End fitted. I've got a ACM Aimpoint winging its way over to me, to help complete the look. Feel free to ignore the non-G3 stuffs I'm buying a claw mount from a friend for the A3, which'll be nicer.
  12. Inspired by the L4D 1911s. Waiting for my mate to make a rail for it, so I can mount my taclight to it.
  13. What's the Intervention vest like? Looking at getting one myself. I'm struggling to find a complete list of all the pouches that are on it.
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