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  1. It sounds like the lower was already demilled (it also appears re-anodized, but it's hard to tell in your photos)...but a Colt 600 series carbine is arguably some of the most rarest Colt carbines on the market. In North America a genuine complete commercially marked 653 can sell upwards of $18K US...Property marked M16A1's made by Colt, H&R, Hyrda-Matic, etc. can even go twice sometimes even three times higher than that, based on condition and provenance. But I assume it would be next to impossible to legally restore it, even in Europe, so I suppose it couldn't be used for anything oth
  2. It does that on real SIG frames as well...maybe not as pronounced as an airsoft frame. On my Tyson's and Herndron frame the lights never fit well. They actually started to come loose after about a 1000 or so rounds. I had one were the screw in the polymer frame developed a cracked. Same with the 610's...it didnt mount well at all and leaves a nice scratch on the frame.
  3. Random photos...these are ProWin v2's with plates from some of my old magazines (they don't feed any more so I figured it'll be interesting to see them used again on my airsoft magazines). Long ago, some of my AR15 uppers could only shoot .223 Remington and not 5.56, so the magazine was marked .223. My original Colt Sporter actually came with a UI magazine...seem I also liked Adventure Line as I have a ton of those. Out dated but I love my SPR's. These aren't very good airsoft guns, but I mostly shoot at empty tomato cans in my back yard these days which they seem to be more than capa
  4. If you're getting them just for looks, then I think you'll be okay with the Ready Fighter version. In general, I stopped using Marui's R magazines during games.
  5. I had the Ready Fighter version - the threads that hold the screw inside the upper shell stripped off after a while. I'm not certain if it was due to the extension as I've had the threads stripped off on other P226R magazines before from "normal" use, but the extra weight probably didn't help. I stopped using after that as I found no functional advantage using it (it's fine if you're just getting it for looks). The threads in all of my E2 magazines have held together just fine, but the extension appears as though it won't fit on the E2.
  6. ARMS sold their #22 rings as a pair...not sure if one is designed for the front and the other for the back, but the throw lever on one of the rings is always reverse of the other and it looked odd when they both pointed the same direction. Notice how the levers oppose one another (the only important thing I was told is to make sure it's aligned with the tube): Again, completely irrelevant for airsoft, but someone might have sold you two front rings...I don't know for sure
  7. Not that it makes a least bit of difference in the airsoft world, but it looks like you have two front rings installed (the rear ring is also a front ring...it looks like something strange is going on?). I think your scope is OK, but real Mk12 scopes (as well as Mk262 target knobs) are ITAR so be careful. Looks nice.
  8. I personally do not like those mounts. Laser Products and Surefire made the M26 mount that was specifically designed for the Colt SMG...they come up for sale on eBay now and then, and they're relatively cheap. You can attach a Surefire 676 light to an A15 adapter, which attaches to the M26. I have the same setup and works great, but I attach it to an M20 mount since I don't have an SMG.
  9. Not sure if you're trying to make a replica of the real one, but here's a photo of the production "LE" version for your reference (the commercial version didn't look like this). Note that most of the lower furniture is A2 (e.g. lower receiver, castle nut, grip, etc.), with the only difference being the aluminum stock from Colt's Sporter carbines. As for the upper, it looks like some production versions has the bayonet lug intact on the front sight base as seen below, but most appears to consistently have the 6-hole hand guards. Again, if you're trying for a close replica, I think what you
  10. In my opinion the grip is fine - there seems to be no "correct" one as there are plenty of photos of the real gun with various grips factory installed (A1, A2, etc.).
  11. Not for nothing, but Mk12's are generally used with "mid-range" scopes which are a bit shorter...the one in Ivan's photo looks more like a long range scope. "Mid-range" scopes usually have turrets that are already set to 5.56/77gr or something similar. This is my NAVSPEC RECON scope made by Night Force...it's a "middle range" scope, shorter than Leupold's LR/T's. I also have a TS-30A2, both are extremely effective. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v645/leMongelo/Misc/DSCF0352_zps83295d5b.jpg~original
  12. Not for nothing, but my unmodified Marui P226R has been working without significant failure since 2005. I eventually broke the valve knocker and split two original magazines, as Fireknife has mentioned. Otherwise, it's a very well made pistol...the newer p226e2 has a few small improvements so go with that. Hope this helps.
  13. BaBaBooey


    Don't let it bother you...there's no shame in using a kit. There's only a few us that are truly talented (i.e. renegadecow, aac, etc...) that are making unique pieces. We're basically all using kits...we collect pre-made parts, real gun or otherwise, and assemble them together. Sure some parts are hard to get, sure real gun parts are often nicer looking (one could say that the GB-Tech Mod 0 Deluxe kit is a pretty nice and difficult kit to get), sure they require modifications to fit, but in the end it's all a collection of pre-made parts assembled into something that's generally been done
  14. I'm certainly no expert, but I think LM&T marked those lowers Guardian 2000. I think Defenders are semi-only lowers? Minors...
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