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  1. That's quite cool. I have seen a large number of 2011's but I'm not sure that I have ever seen one quite like that. Nicely done.
  2. That's beautiful. One of these days I'll get around to making my M29 metal. As far as the hop-up goes, I believe that my M29, which is the middle version (the super old school have no flow resticter and a large gas opening. Mine has a large gas opening but was then retrofitted with a brass flow restricter so it only shoots 330-350) did have a simple hop-up mech that was adjustable via an allen key. I'm not sure if the newer models are the same way though since they may have made changes when they de-rated the gas system even further. Hows the power of the newest versions? When you fitt
  3. I'm excited to see the pictures. The g-spec barrel was my very first thought when I saw this. If you have a chance to run the finished product on a chrono it would be great to see the results of that too.
  4. Thanks for the review. I'm happy to see that these actually have a functional amount of power. While I'm not planning on buying any guns soon this may have to go on my long term list.
  5. Very cute. How many rounds do the 3.9 mags hold?
  6. Dang, someone else finally found another PGC G18 slide. I was hoping that mine was the only one that would ever turn up. I guess that I still have an edge with the Gen. 2 frame though. Anyway, that looks lovely, where did you find it?
  7. I have to echo others statements and point out that high end GBB's tend to have to "venting" system while cheap clones have the silent fill system. The spewing gas is a plus because you know when your mag is full. With a silent fill valve you just have to guess. The spewing also allows you to purge all the gas out and fit as much liquid into your mag as possible. To be honest, your experience sounds more like an empty gas can than anything else. As far as gas consumption goes, I easily get a full mag with a heavy steel slide and 150%+ recoil spring even when the temperature is as lo
  8. I haven't done a whole lot in airsoft recently (due to school) but I do have pictures of a race Glock frame that RSP helped my put together toward the end of the summer. It wasn't my intention to have the grip cut as short as it was (I really just wanted the base plate of the mag to extend below the magwell) but it's current configuration is surprisingly comfortable. I just use the magwell as a pinkie rest which helps tighten up my grip and makes it more natural to use the thumb rest (something that I'm not used to). The gun itself is just a stock G17 that I
  9. I've blown a rocket valve before in my KSC G17. I think that Vicious even managed to blow up some aftermarket ones (though I forget which). The stock part certainly won't last forever though.
  10. Those are interesting. They look way smaller than the stock grips though. How does it feel when you hold the gun?
  11. Dang, so much for my WA STI 6" Hybrid being unique. the4th - do you do WA fitting work too? I have found that it's nigh impossible to get a 6" slide fit rattle free (using conventional methods) since the frame rails are so short. However, I seem to remember that you could reshape TM rails to get a super tight slide fit. Can you do this on a WA 6" as well? Also, did you rebuild the trigger on this to lighten it up? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on super light, short WA triggers vs TM ones.
  12. Very nice. I've always liked that gun. Have you done any other home brewed tweak in addition to the piston head spacer?
  13. I've wondered about Maruzen P99's for a while now and I finally got the opportunity to pick one up in a trade (thanks WatZ). This one has been upgraded a bit. Sadly, I don't get to actually try it out for a while (darn college) but I'm glad to have it. The Goods... Where they live... Bits: Maruzen Walther P99 Desert Version Maruzen Threaded Outer Barrel Maruzen Suppressor Maruzen Tac-Light Prime Metal Slide KM High Flow Firefly Recoil Spring Guide w/Bearing Set
  14. After a some parts swapping I think that I have the base of my Magna WA 6" Hybrid. I still need to clean up the outer barrel and add I few internal upgrades but I think that the look is pretty final (I also swaped in silver grip screws after I took the pictures). It took quite a while to find the parts that I wanted for this. I don't believe that WA makes a gun stock that has a non-railed 6" LDC frame and a hybrid upper. I think that non-railed 6" LDC's are the only way to go and I had my heart set on a hybrid and I love the effect. Bits: WA Magna 6" Hybr
  15. I finally got a bit of time to finish swapping things around with my WA SVI project. This is the first gun that I did. It's for sale now but I wish I could keep it. Aside from the PGC metal slide this is just built up from various stock WA parts.
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