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  1. wilfire

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    On the subject of mobility scooters. Was driving around Cornwall last week on a road with a 50 limit, come around a corner and find a mobility scooter in the middle of my side of the road doing about 5 miles an hour. Got stuck behind him for a good quarter of a mile as there was no safe place to pass.
  2. wilfire

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    http://www.anythingbutipod.com/archives/2006/02/how-to-disassemble-the-creative-zen-vision-m.php Getting to the hdd doesn't look too tricky. If you can find a replacement disk swapping them shouldn't be too bad. There is a link to a forum at the bottom of that site that seems to have a list of drives known to work. Good luck
  3. wilfire

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Last time my card got used for fraud the guy rang up (actual real human or Nationwide have managed to pass the Turing test) asking me about the last three transactions. a phone top up (I'm on a contract) a donation to the world wildlife fund and a soldering iron (which was actually mine) The thing I thought was weird if your going to take some ones card details why would you only use it for a phone top up and a donation to a charity? Seems like a strange thing to rob some one for. Maybe some one with delusions of being Robin Hood. Also you would think a phone top up would be quite traceable if the bank could actually be bothered to do any thing about it.
  4. wilfire

    Custom Gear

    Well having played with it. I think it is going to need reworking, it needs to be about ten centermeters deeper and have another row of elastic inside to hold the mags in place more securely. Other than that though it worked very well. However on the subject of the closure mechanism I don't think one is needed. Nothing fell out (even sliding down the slide into the ball pool) We will see what happens with a MK2, I think I have enough material left to make another one.
  5. wilfire

    Custom Gear

    I had considered Velcro but was worried about it closing its self and the noise problem. I borrowed a friends bag (Think it was an old claymore bag) and ended up with it open the entire game. I am going to the Mall this week end so I'll see how it goes there and what needs adding (or taking away) after that.
  6. wilfire

    Custom Gear

    New bag hot off the sewing machine. First bit of kit I have made my self. Quite pleased with it despite the rubbish stitching in places. Designed to hold the few bits and pieces I need for a CQB game, a few spare MP7 mags, a radio and some pyro, nothing more, nothing less. Despite how it looks that long mp7 mag doesn't actually stick out the top as far as it appears to. Might add a bit of padding to the strap on the shoulder area. Undecided about a zip at the moment, as I don't plan on using this for every day stuff and when playing I need quick access I have left it off for now. If any one is really interested I'll post a guide in the project section of how to make one.
  7. wilfire

    What music are you currently listening to?

    Eels - I like Birds

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