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  1. Hey guys, I've just started to get back into airsofting after a friend of mine recently started. It's got to have been at least 6 years since I last played, after breaking my foot which put me out of action for a while. Thought I'd get onto good old Arnies to swot up on the latest tech but I've found it a bit quiet.
  2. Thanks Erik_MAA I'll give the SAM's a go, I fancy a non-gun build at the moment. Josh
  3. I can see them fine pal. Erik_MAA - have you got any guides for these builds, specifically the C4 and SAM Missiles? Josh
  4. My idea doesn't involve the Mods closing my thread, just that the member has the ability to edit the listing to reduce the number of posts. But I agree with your point shmook, it can lead to dodgy dealings on the sellers behalf if abused. Josh
  5. Hi peeps, I've been through the "site suggestions" section but I couldn't find a thread on the subject (although if there is then I've missed it ) Would it be possible for users to edit their own "for sale" threads to cut down on the number of posts? So if you have say 10 items for sale and you sell 3 of them you can edit your original post to reflect this, like SOLD next to the items in question. Josh
  6. As above really. One of my Christmas prezzies from my parents is a backpack from UK tactical which got delivered the other day. I've just asked my mom and she didn't get an confo email. The reason I chose UK tactical is because they're universally known for having good gear at good prices with a great service. The reason you might not have had an email is because they are so busy which again just backs up how popular they are. Josh
  7. I've just sold my DE M56 so before I packed it up ready for shipping I had a play around with some bits out my spares box. Here's what I came up with... Here's my parts list, nothing fancy... Clone RedDot Velcro backed shell holder held on by electrical tape Barrel mounted flashlight mount Maglite torch I tried it out around the house with the lights off and It is quite effective. The spare shells are within easy reach (if mounted the other way, and the Maglite and reddot work well together (the maglite has an LED bulb so its not too bright). I'm just sad that I've
  8. I haven't posted on this thread in a while but here's my Urban JG G36c... How I did it... I took everything apart, gave them a quick wipe with pre-paint and then sprayed a few coats of flat black. Waited 6 hours for it to dry and then masked it all up leaving about a 10mm gap between strips of tape. Sprayed a few coats of flat dark grey. Again, I waited another 6 hours for it all to dry (better to be safe that sorry ). Then I reassembled it all and gave the whole gun a very light coat of flat black to darken the grey stripes. 4 days later I fitted the internals, RIS
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