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  1. Hey guys, I've just started to get back into airsofting after a friend of mine recently started. It's got to have been at least 6 years since I last played, after breaking my foot which put me out of action for a while. Thought I'd get onto good old Arnies to swot up on the latest tech but I've found it a bit quiet.
  2. Thanks Erik_MAA I'll give the SAM's a go, I fancy a non-gun build at the moment. Josh
  3. I can see them fine pal. Erik_MAA - have you got any guides for these builds, specifically the C4 and SAM Missiles? Josh
  4. Just thought I'd share my feelings about a roundabout and junction off to Spondon on the A52 near Derby. Note the lack of lines to mark lanes on the roundabout in the red box. Also, any traffic joining the A52 (RED) has to cross the path of any traffic leaving the A52 (GREEN) to go to Spondon. This junction is notorious for accidents yet nothing has been done Josh
  5. I don't like it when your out with a few mates having a good time but then you have to call it a night 'cause you've got work in the morning I got a text at about 7pm from an ex/friend asking if I fancied going for a drive 'cause shes just passed her test. So we end up in a pub having a few drinks (shes drinking J2O BTW) and she says that shes scared of driving home in the dark on her own and asks if I want to go back to hers So what do I do? I decline because I've got work tomorrow and a semi-important client meeting But I have arranged to meet her tomorrow so we'll see where it goes
  6. We've got some decent clubs in Nottingham but they all tend to play the same 'Now top 40' tunes and have the same type of people. There is one metal/rock club called Rock City which is pretty good but I really miss 'The Works' which got closed down a few years ago. It was the only club in Notts to have more than 2 floors of music Josh
  7. I think your looking for mildly crazy. Not crazy enough to try and kill herself if you ever leave, but enought to never cheat or mess you about. Try dating a girl whos a few leagues lower than you Josh
  8. I think all women are bonkers. My last girlfriend ended up in A&E after cutting her wrists when I broke up with her . and my girlfriend before her cried after we had sex because she never wanted me to leave her I'm gonna start psych evaluating all the girls I go on dates with from now on! Josh
  9. I think I'll stick with being the head of business communications Josh
  10. I WORK for an advertising/marketing company I don't actually sell anything. Infact tell a lie I did make a sale the other day by accident . I was chatting to a plumber who was giving a quote to re-fit my parents bathroom and he asked what I did, so I showed him and he said "Thats *fruitcage* fantastic! How soon can you do that for me?". I was like "Erm, I'll have someone from sales call you tomorrow" Josh
  11. I haven't posted in this topic before so I think its about time I did. I bloody hate it when people automatically assume that your trying to sell them something when they know you work for an advertising/marketing company. Today the boss asked me to find a garage that could service our fleet (4 reps cars and 2 cars belonging to the directors). I remembered a place that my friend took her car to the week before and decided to give a call to the owner as we had spoken before about him advertising with us and so he knew who I was and who I worked for (a local directory company). The call pre
  12. My idea doesn't involve the Mods closing my thread, just that the member has the ability to edit the listing to reduce the number of posts. But I agree with your point shmook, it can lead to dodgy dealings on the sellers behalf if abused. Josh
  13. Hi peeps, I've been through the "site suggestions" section but I couldn't find a thread on the subject (although if there is then I've missed it ) Would it be possible for users to edit their own "for sale" threads to cut down on the number of posts? So if you have say 10 items for sale and you sell 3 of them you can edit your original post to reflect this, like SOLD next to the items in question. Josh
  14. As above really. One of my Christmas prezzies from my parents is a backpack from UK tactical which got delivered the other day. I've just asked my mom and she didn't get an confo email. The reason I chose UK tactical is because they're universally known for having good gear at good prices with a great service. The reason you might not have had an email is because they are so busy which again just backs up how popular they are. Josh
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