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  1. I dropped some more ideas in the thread on ASB. These are the joys of working with GBBs, but everything you learn with this build can be applied (in the broadest sense) to the next one and the next one.


    Almost anyone can swap parts, but the actual fitting (or tuning as I like to blow it up to be) is where the skill and the experience comes into play. Welcome to the club (or mental ward) and I am glad this experience hasn't turned you off, just inspired you to keep going.

  2. I have but the idiot FireFly rod is smaller than those. The correct recoil spring size seems to be the KSC Glock springs. In truth I just got really fed up with it and haven't touched it since I last spoke about it. I might just sell it for cheap and wash my hands of it since it will never shoot the way I would like it to, but it is so nice looking and the size is perfect for my hands. Shame really, should have known from your review.

  3. Well stock spring for sure. I did fit a 150% spring but the issue didn't fully go away. In the Just Pistols section there is that old topic I made about basic upgrades on the TM Glock 17. The end of it is all about the shortcomings in terms of FPS that a few of us ran into. Don't get me wrong it still shoots better than a KSC, just not as strongly. SD has a new valve knocker out for it, which I imagine will fix it up some, just like it did with the P226, but I am not buying another TM G17 just to sell it.

  4. I personally really like the feel of a straight frame. I also prefer the feel of a traditional 1911 over the stock Glock, too much angle and that bump on the back strap. Not good for me. The straight frame just fits my albeit smaller hands better.


    I don't like the TM Glock because it is down on power (barely breaks 300 stock), light strikes on green gas/propane, and I have built two and neither shot better (in terms of recoil, feel and action) than a KSC. In terms of accuracy they are still great TMs, shoot straight and flat. I just personally prefer KSC Glocks, but I also prefer 1911s more than both of them.

  5. Hey, you keep posting blog entries right before I'm going to! :P You actually did it during this time...


    Your link to Airsoft Gas Gun Forum links to your WE project on ASB. Sounds interesting (AGGF), might want to sign up.



    Nice, we seem to be the only ones really keeping up on the blogging over here.


    I fixed the link. It is certainly an idea I like, an all Gas Forum, but it is so small right now, it is hard to get behind fully. You should totally check it out.

  6. Lame, no payment plan options? Just kidding. I did sell my HK through payments, over a month and a half, but I kept the gun the entire time. Just an option for you.


    I totally forgot about you asking for a SCW2 barrel from PDI. I ordered some parts the other day for my Detonics and missed it. I will be sure to add it on to the next one.

  7. The VZ is a fun little gun. The thing is tiny! Shoots pretty respectably, average 297, but man it cools down. It will empty an entire mag burst firing, don't know if it will in one pull. I need to adjust the hop up, it shoots below POA right now, especially with .25s.


    Has Birchm paid yet?! I have plans!


    Edit: WE have plans!

  8. Looks pretty good in real life. Harder to tell, but the metal has a "smoother" finish than the hw. All in all the gun is awfully flat black looking in real life. I need to take some good shots in the sun, but was running to take photos of the new acquisitions today.


    Saw the new knives man, glad I have yet to get into collecting them, but that G-10/Ti one looks amazing.

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