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  1. malavern

    G&P GBB M4A1 family

    Wait, what? have you even field stripped the WE before?? tis BRASS!! HELLO?! must i take photos and upload em too??
  2. malavern

    G&P GBB M4A1 family

    I cant read Chinese, so i cant find the posts about that incident in the local Chinese forums, but if one of you can, then you might want to trawl through em. The game was at W28 in Tin Shui Wai, on Sunday 11th Jan, 2009. Teams present were: "The Obliterators" ~ http://aaobliterators.proboards30.com/ (English) "Unicorn701" ~ http://www.701x.com (Chinese) "Militia" ~ http://www.joanne.hk/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=24 (Chinese) "Flash Team" ~ http://www.hk-flash.com (Chinese) and a couple of others. I'm sure one of them would have posted pics up. The Hop only goes when you use green/top gas aka propane. if you want to reinforce it, then i'd suggest using the RA-Tech hop up chamber and rubber (haven't received any complaints from ppl using RATech stuff yet...), or if you cant find any then, stick a G&P one in for now (I'm using G&P Hop Up Chamber right now, rubber still stock as Tokyo Model Co, the Distributor for RAtech in HK has run out... ). when it all comes down to it, is whether or not you want to spend money or not, the debate will always be there, so lets just leave it at that. o and WE = cheese metal IMHO
  3. malavern

    G&P GBB M4A1 family

    Hey all, apologies for not posting earlier today with the redwolf account, was busy with other releases. And well... i'm not technically at work right now... P.S. ~ I own a WA M4 myself so I can accurately provide you guys with this info, plus i';m, the lucky ###### that does the descriptions for RW products (apologies for my occasional errors ><"), so yes, i have played with ALL the G&P M4 GBBs... ^^ anyhow, here's a brief description, more like a summary before we post the products up on the RW website tomorrow... (the actually description will be a bit more long winded, and grammatically more correct, so dont worry!) The G&P M4 GBB series is in all essentials the WA M4, only fully upgraded. It is fully combat ready straight out of the box, as in, shove in BBs and Gas, and you're all good to go. The bolt movement is much smoother than the Stock WA, as a new hammer assembly with a bearing pin has been installed. What that is, is that a little bearing is inserted into the the top of the hammer, and what it does is, when the hammer is cocked, the bearing reduces the friction between the Bolt Carrier and the hammer itself, making the blowback much smoother. At, 18degrees C initial muzzle velocity with 0.25g bbs HFC134a = 290fps (0.98J) Top Gas = 380fps (1.68J) Red Gas = over the legal limit in HK, and well, i'm not supposed to say The entire internal assembly has been replaced with brand new G&P WA steel parts, so when the PGC CO2 magazines are released later on, the G&P M4s will be able to use them. The rear stock has a very nice fit and doesnt wobble at all, whilst the full metal body is very nicely crafted. edit: like the WA M4, it fits AEG RIS/RAS sets fine, though the G&P M4 already comes stock with an RIS unit (depending which one you get). Personally i prefer to fit real steel M4 parts on it... for example, i have a CAA G27 pistol grip on my WA M4, and my friend has a Daniel Defense front set on it (no modifications necessary for them to fit ^^ ). Note: I've actually fired 5 full mags from the G&P straight out the box, and hadnt experienced any problems whatsoever. No Jams, no *suitcasey* hopup, no barrel wobble, nothing that will cripple your gun (unlike my stock WA M4 i purchased when it first came out ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The following is personal data i've collected from skirmishing in my own time, so everything i say from here has nothign to do with Redwolf (yes a small and crappy disclaimer): Crippling problems? maybe, very annoying definately, but only with the stock WA, especially since only the first batch has been released so far. What i can tell you is that the WE is much much worse.. and the crippling problems, is much much more expensive to fix. An example of what happened, Yesterday, Sunday Jan 12th 2009, in a very nice 120persons wargame, (with the RW Photographer, who is a good friend of mine) were both using slightly modified WA M4's at relatively low temperatures for HK (13-16 degrees) had absolutely no problems with our M4s (internally on the Hop-up chamber and the bolt catch had been changed). We had clocked our WA M4 CQB-R's (with 0.25g bbs at 13 degrees in the morn) in at: HFC134a: 244fps / 0.69J Top/Green Gas: 254fps / 0.75J We had to change mags every 10rds or so due to the cool down, but no probs other than that during the day for our WAs. a couple of hours in, back at the rest zone, we found a guy who was having problems with his WE, thus we offered to give him a hand. he had a WE M4, modded into an SPR, and it had a jam he couldnt seem to fix. Upon opening the upper receiver, we found that the entire brass chamber had been twisted horribly out of shape, i mean, imagine you were twisting a wet piece of rag to drain the water from it... now, replace the rag with the brass chamber, thats what it looked like. How that happened, we have no bloody idea, but according to him, he was just happily plinking away when it jammed... I've heard and talked to ppl with similar complaints in the past few weeks, but this was the first time i've actually seen it myself. So when compared to the WA, the WE is much worse IMHO. Where the WA can be repaired by simply swapping out the F***ed up bits really quickly, you cant do the same thing with the WE... (yet?) I mean, yes, the WE is cheaper than the WA, but i'd prefer quality over price. If you want something very very reliable, i'd highly recommend the G&P M4 GBBs, hell, i'm actually considering just selling off my WA to get the G&P, but then again Clarence Lai (CL / Airsoft Surgeon) had worked on it, and now is shooting perfectly, so maybe not (i'd have asked you to work on it Sauli, but you weren't around ). anyhow, i better get back to CoD5, as well... Nazi's dont kill themselves you know!

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