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  1. Top bloke, very helpful. Thanks. :)

  2. Hey Pave_Hawk, i have a slight feeling that you may have played with us before, that or i may have played with you.

    anyhow, my number is 9199-7994, so if you have any questions or need some airsoft related help... gimme a call or something!

    have a good one!

  3. Wait, what? have you even field stripped the WE before?? tis BRASS!! HELLO?! must i take photos and upload em too??
  4. I cant read Chinese, so i cant find the posts about that incident in the local Chinese forums, but if one of you can, then you might want to trawl through em. The game was at W28 in Tin Shui Wai, on Sunday 11th Jan, 2009. Teams present were: "The Obliterators" ~ http://aaobliterators.proboards30.com/ (English) "Unicorn701" ~ http://www.701x.com (Chinese) "Militia" ~ http://www.joanne.hk/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=24 (Chinese) "Flash Team" ~ http://www.hk-flash.com (Chinese) and a couple of others. I'm sure one of them would have posted pics up. The Hop only goes wh
  5. Hey all, apologies for not posting earlier today with the redwolf account, was busy with other releases. And well... i'm not technically at work right now... P.S. ~ I own a WA M4 myself so I can accurately provide you guys with this info, plus i';m, the lucky ###### that does the descriptions for RW products (apologies for my occasional errors ><"), so yes, i have played with ALL the G&P M4 GBBs... ^^ anyhow, here's a brief description, more like a summary before we post the products up on the RW website tomorrow... (the actually description will be a bit more long winded,
  6. Very nice, but, I need to ask, after hefting my M14 around for an entire game day, who would want to lug around a heavier G36C... i mean, the weight right now is perfect for those who love to run, and jump, duck and roll... (straight into poison ivy...). I do however must admit that if the weight is not an issue with you, then go get it.. cause it looks sweet..
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