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  1. I'm planning to use them in my 9mm G36SD build.
  2. Looks similar to these straight MP5 mags: https://www.herooutdoors.com/angel-custom-ap10-9mm-airsoft-aeg-m4-m16-to-mp5-adapter-conversion-kit-w-high-cap-magazine-1/
  3. Elevated from King to God - that's some good going... The A3SF will soon have the receiver painted green, and I've got an LLM01 on the way for it too, so it will look almost exactly like the one on the Steyr website. Also, coming soon, will be a proper A3 receiver and foregrip rail, and an F88 Austeyr. Watch this space.
  4. Since the previous AUG picture thread has been archived, I've received approval to start a new one. So here we are. Post your Steyr AUG, F88 Austeyr or MSAR clone builds here.
  5. Saying something is "so-called" implies that it's not that, but people call it that mistakenly. Whereas I'm given to understand that "H-Bar" is the designation given to that variant by Steyr themselves (as it's short for Heavy Barrel), which would make it a perfectly valid name. You're, of course, free to use the designations given by any Armed Force which actually USES the AUG - indeed I would encourage it - but such codes are going to be less well known outside the countries/militaries concerned. Leaving all that aside, though, your images were good - nice clean AUG configurations. Do you
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