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  1. This is a video of me flying my ride!
  2. Navy, that'd look sweet with one of those MC command panel things you were looking at the other week!
  3. Well the Osprey plates are a very different shape to SAPIs.. If they fit, it's by accident.
  4. Osprey doesn't take SAPI plates...
  5. Is a 1911 kosher for IDF kit?
  6. That looks awesome! Why the hand stop if you have a VFG though? Is that a VFC?
  7. Was it designed to carry armour? Is there any in in the pic? If there isn't, and it was designed to, it looks mega tight already, good luck getting some in!
  8. Way too large, looks like a dress! I'd say that the guy 3rd from left has the right size smock, he looks like a *rickroll* though.
  9. Ah right, my first thought was that it was a grenade launcher but could double up to hold a battery (ie, came with a hidden compartment or something)
  10. What's 3 in 1 about a grenade launcher?
  11. Looks nice and simple, but a bit of a pain to go prone on?
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