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  1. Clone PDW with a new ultra short barrel.
  2. If you mean me, thanks. But 2 seconds after I posted the pics, I was on boomarms and saw the new rcp kit for $650. About $400 less than the kit I bought a year and a half ago, and appears to only be missing the grips.
  3. Kimber RCP built from a WA officer... Kimber Ultra Carry with homemade rcp grip...again, built from WA
  4. Hey gents, Here's a custom shorty AK I did a while back
  5. A little late on the draw, but my chopped up maruzen is an 1100 semi auto. No pumping required. Also, no shells, it is mag fed.
  6. I sold that one a while back. Kovacs has it, and I'm pretty sure he just got done "blackening" it up.
  7. LOL Thanks again. If it was real steel you'd get 2 in the the and 1 in the chamber. Same thing with the Serbu super shorty. Really only useful for home defense and drug deals My airsoft version uses 18 round mags, so I could chop it at the receiver and still have the same shots. It's the old defender 1100 semi auto gbb, not the newer shell fed version. For anyone not aware, it has 2 interchangeable chambers. One allows 3 bbs per trigger pull, the other shoots 1 bb at a time.
  8. Thanks guys. It's mad-dog-bad-assilicious I got about halfway done shortening the stock this morning, but my wife made me stop and go to work
  9. Thanks! I still need to trim a bit off the stock to even it up with the front end when it's folded. I'm pretty happy with this one. Have another pic!
  10. Maruzen mag fed defender...as usual, chopped
  11. Those are r/s I think http://www.athenswater.com/my_weapons.htm
  12. Thanks again! Kart EBR was the starting point. I probably won't be doing any more of these. It was VERY time consuming compared to most of my projects. Some detail on how I did it was added here: http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...t&p=1764539
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