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  1. is hoping for a big ruskie game in AZ in the near future

  2. I'm not in this one, but I threw the game. Pic taken by my buddy kiley. We weren't expecting snow... [/
  3. I would never buy the LCT fakelite grip again, very weak. Especially for an RPK
  4. excellent seller, fast shipping. thanks

  5. Bottom pic, you pretty much just told us. That and the pistol grips are a dead giveaway.
  6. I got some like that too, just shave em a bit and they're gtg.
  7. Didn't do much crawling last game, so I'll have to get back to you on that. However, when I do crawl....I lay my gun flat on my forearms instead of a ready position......helps me move faster while staying low. As for gear, there is quite a few pouches/lbv/chest rigs that can hold 40-45rd mags.
  8. It's a custom mag a buddy o mine made from 2 star ak47 mags. He used an epoxy to fuse the two halves together, and then added a layer of flat black to remove the shine. A 5ft you can't see a line or anything, and it gives a pretty good metal appearence. I'm having him make me about 4 more for now, the capacity (about 180bbs),the appearence and the fact it feeds flawlessly made this my new favorite mag.
  9. I wish I could get a peice cnc'd, that would be the end all cure. If you manage to get a peice made could you post pics?
  10. This is what keeps happening: When you push your button, it pushes the thin bar with the three protrusions (sorry for being vauge......lets just call it the peice that broke) out. The illustration around the 'peice that broke' is what keeps your stock locked. What happens is the middle protrusion on the 'peice that broke' comes right out because it was riveted poorly. Then what happens is if you turn your gun on the right side.....the peice will come out, your stock wont work, and you have to disassemble your gun to get it out. Here is what it looks like now:
  11. Took apart the gearbox: Apart from 7mm bearing, plastic ball bearing spring guide, and a blue piston head (first one I've seen in a china gun, nothing special about it but the color).....the gearbox is just like any other dboys......with a lot less grease. Here's the peice that will break: And here's what the gun looks like now: More coming
  12. Did some shooting today: Everything is a rough estimate, so don't quote me on accuracy debates...there was a slight breeze and I was using ECHO1 .28's 1 pace= about 3 feet 10 shots at 16 paces= about 48ft 10 shots at 23 1/2 paces= about 70ft My gas block is also canted to the left More coming
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