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  1. did they glue the castle nut for the flash hider? i can't take it out
  2. KSC MK23 with shooters design slide and wolf industries lam
  3. wow, that looks really nice. so there's no slide catch function?
  4. leejinwen

    AGM M4 GBB

    what should I check if my agm m4 is not feeding? From what I can see the loading nozzle does not move back with the bolt carrier after pulling the trigger. I have to manual cycle the bolt with the charging handle to get a new round in.
  5. Excellent buyer. Super fast payment. No BS'ing.

  6. you can, just don't let anyone find out.
  7. leejinwen

    AGM M4 GBB

    anyone know of a compatible buffer tube? I bought a G&P thinking it would fit but its diameter is larger than the agm one.
  8. got them from someone here on arnies. I think they are made for real steel guns
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