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  1. Happy Birthday, Justin.

  2. justin.kovacs

    WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

    I am DEFINITELY picking one of these up as soon as I can afford to. I think its time to thin the proverbial "herd" to make room for one of these, just for fun of course, since we have a very small window of playable gas gun weather up here in Western New York...... I would love to be able to skirmish one of these for most of the year. I have been following this thread since the beginning and after playing with a teammates WA M4 CQBR I just have to have a GBB rifle. The flimsy plastic and the plaque of problems with the WA had turned me off though. My teammate's WA had a plethora or issues from the beginning. I really hope the WE is a solid and durable performer for the price..... I'm gonna keep my eyes glued to this thread for the next few weeks and see if any new information comes out about the WE's performance and durability before I make up my mind. Time to sell off some of the babies to make room......
  3. justin.kovacs

    M14 Picture Thread

    Exactly..... Its not a far stretch for the conversion. Edit: I apologize up front for the poor photo quality, but here is one of my personal photos from my Scout/Sniper Section: Samarra, Iraq 2005
  4. justin.kovacs

    M14 Picture Thread

    I really like how simple it looks in the first photo. Much like our M21's My platoon and I used in Iraq 2005. We used the Harris Bipod and Leupold M3 Scope, with a painted synthetic stock (Glass Bedded). Reference Photo: I think it would really complete the US Army M21 Sniper look with a nicely painted and worn synthetic stock..... Edit: Honestly, I have never used/seen the AN/PEQ2 used on an M21 platform. Our night scopes were more than accommodating in low light conditions. I think it would look odd to say the least. At least WE never used them. Edit 2: This was my Platoon Sergeant: http://americansnipers.org/images/mp2.jpg Taken from: AmericanSnipers.org They were instrumental in support of our sniper needs throughout the mission, donating supplies and needed materials. We could not have been as effective without the support of these fine Americans. If you have any questions about setting up your M14 to M21 specs, feel free to PM me. Im more than willing to share my knowledge of the system with you.
  5. justin.kovacs

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

  6. justin.kovacs

    M14 Picture Thread

    Joe, is that the Star SOPMOD? It looks HAWT!
  7. justin.kovacs

    M14 Picture Thread

    Its the King Arms "Harris" copy with RIS mount. Works great.
  8. justin.kovacs

    M14 Picture Thread

  9. justin.kovacs

    M14 Picture Thread

    Im currently looking for a "Standard" SOCOM type flash hider. Im not a big fan of the Scout flash hider. Nice rifle over all. Great range and pretty acceptable accuracy out of the box. I will be adding the Spring Upgrade, Tighbore, H-Nub and LiPo power in the coming weeks. I will be sure to update as to its current performance after upgrades are installed and tested.
  10. justin.kovacs

    M14 Picture Thread

    Classic Army M14 Scout: I love it! Soon to have a CA120 spring and an H-nub hop up running on a LiPo.
  11. justin.kovacs

    M14 Picture Thread

    That's a beautiful SOCOM Joe, but I'm not sure about that cheek rest. I know its all personal preference, but that is really throwing me off. Beautiful piece though. I'm going to post pictures of mine soon.
  12. justin.kovacs

    Custom Gear

    Damn Gonzo. I cant wait for mine...... Once again, Awesome gear!
  13. justin.kovacs

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    I did this a few years ago. I just figured I would throw up some photographs. HFC M190 with Custom Desert Paint.

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