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  1. Happy Birthday, Justin.

  2. Yeah, thats what pretty much stemmed the whole "Other Armor" debate.... Alot of soldiers wanted to use Dragon Skin Armor. Hell, I was even looking into it myself. But "Big Army" would not authorized it for use... so yes, in theory you could wear it as long as you had on the "approved" IBA and Level III SAPI's as well. You would end up combat ineffective wearing both sets of armor, not to mention look ridiculously stupid as well.....
  3. Yup, thats the "new" IOTV. I have a couple guys who just transferred in from other units who were initially using them during the "fielding" phase. They loved them and said although bigger and heavier, they were MUCH more comfortable than the conventional IBA. My unit prior to our last trip over got brand new M4A1's, MBITRS, Personal and Squad Radios and TONS of other goodies. Its always like Christmas time for units right before a major deployment.......
  4. I am DEFINITELY picking one of these up as soon as I can afford to. I think its time to thin the proverbial "herd" to make room for one of these, just for fun of course, since we have a very small window of playable gas gun weather up here in Western New York...... I would love to be able to skirmish one of these for most of the year. I have been following this thread since the beginning and after playing with a teammates WA M4 CQBR I just have to have a GBB rifle. The flimsy plastic and the plaque of problems with the WA had turned me off though. My teammate's WA had a plethora or i
  5. Your Right Kong..... How could I......? But where I come from "Experience in the field" means a hell of alot more............ Also glad to see you again Solidus, I hope your IET went well...... Welcome to the club soldier..... "NCO's Lead The Way! Hooah!"
  6. Complete BS..... Being in the Infantry for over 8 years and being on multiple deployment I have never seen/been allowed to wear anything other than the issued armor system. IE: Interceptor Body Armor. I have seen/worked with SF guys in Iraq/A'stan who wore CIRAS' as well as worked with Ranger units who wore Soft Armor under an RBSS/RRV or just a CIRAS as well. But in the Infantry NO WAY. It just doesnt happen. In the Infantry you can pretty much have some freedom with MOST of your gear BUT body armor is NOT one of them. Alot of use used aftermarket chest rigs, load bearing vest,etc o
  7. Ha! When I was stationed at Sill in early 2000 tattooing was illegal in the state of Oklahoma, If I recall correctly. I remember tons of my buddies going down to Texas on weekend passes to get ink work done.... They must have changed the laws out there recently.....
  8. Correct. Genuine MSA MICH, Replica TGS PVS-14 (RDS). The MBITR is also replica Toy Soldier.
  9. My "Real World" Rig: Kit List: Blackhawk Enhanced Commando Recon Chest Harness 2 x Blackhawk Nalgene/GP Uprights 1 x Blackhawk Large Upright GP 1 x Double M4 Mag Pouch 1 x Spec Ops MBITR 1 x Blackhawk Double Frag 1 x Spec Ops Light/Gerber Pouch 1 x Pop Flare/ Star Cluster Pouch, Inverted SDS Interceptor Body Armor Level III SAPI's Soft Armor MSA MICH ACH/TC-2000 Norotos Swingarm MICH NVG Plate PVS-14's
  10. One of my Personal photos from Iraq 2004: A Member of My Scout/Sniper Section:
  11. The stroke of the charging handle isnt long enough to interfere with that riser....
  12. Exactly..... Its not a far stretch for the conversion. Edit: I apologize up front for the poor photo quality, but here is one of my personal photos from my Scout/Sniper Section: Samarra, Iraq 2005
  13. I really like how simple it looks in the first photo. Much like our M21's My platoon and I used in Iraq 2005. We used the Harris Bipod and Leupold M3 Scope, with a painted synthetic stock (Glass Bedded). Reference Photo: I think it would really complete the US Army M21 Sniper look with a nicely painted and worn synthetic stock..... Edit: Honestly, I have never used/seen the AN/PEQ2 used on an M21 platform. Our night scopes were more than accommodating in low light conditions. I think it would look odd to say the least. At least WE never used them. Edi
  14. A few more, Climbing/rappelling down the ravine: I forgot one of my several harnesses, so I tied up a "Swiss Seat" and used some rope I had stashed in my MAP....
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