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  1. Just because Airsoft shouldn't just be all seriousness and elite operators carrying 30kg of kit, here is a teaser of the upcoming series of what Airsoft can be when played by the "bad guys". Hope you enjoy the teaser.
  2. I have a couple And before you ask, yes, I've played with all of the characters below, although most of the pictures are taken before/after the game in the safezone, hence the lack of protection googles. Horatio Caine Indiana McLane Bad guy from Behind enemy lines Crazy 88 guy (yes I had a katana during the game, but it was dull and sheathed all the time) Some generic killer for The Godfather And of course .... Rambo!
  3. My first ever, Airsoft video in 3D!
  4. Im too cheap to buy an RPK so ....
  5. Holding out the last position this past weekend in Apocalypse Airsoft's Milsim game.
  6. Not a brit. Just living here now Those pictures were made in Portugal. Here's a video made at the same time of those pictures. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anWHGCcPQO8 and another in REALLY high wind conditions, when in a MILSIM game we had a mission that consisted in protecting a mountain access..
  7. A couple more "faces" already here in the UK. US Army recent Insurgent Generic UK Rental player #5 Generic UK Rental player #351
  8. SeekND

    AK 74

    Yeap. That's a 4x PSO and it fits perfectly on the default side rail for the ak.
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