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  1. Hey guys does anyone know if a TM SR16 stock will fit on the Shooter M16 Buffer without mods?
  2. can sometimes give incredibly innacurate advice so take caution if its of a technical nature.

  3. Has anyone noticed how most of these crashes have come from street racing and going over the speed limit?
  4. $100 less and that MAR would be my B'Day pressie, and only 500, if it meant 500 at the 1000$ price than ok but I still think it would be that tad (emphasise on the word tad)bit over priced, because although you're getting an awesome gun, wouldn't a ptw make a better choice at that price tag?
  5. Do you guys think I could get away with having just a tightbore, a 3-4x scope and a bipod for a DMR?
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