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    G&G L85a2
    CA M15A4 CQB , AIMPOINT ,ops qd4 silencer , m203 GL,
    GLOCK 18C ,MP5 lighted forearm , M16A1 , M16A2.
    Maruzen T96, M21, custom M82,
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    Taekwondo , Airsoft(obviously) ,Music , boxing
  1. Lewis is a top man. Very polite and gentleman to deal with.

    Thanks for a great deal..

  2. lewis hiscock

    What music are you currently listening to?

    sigur ros - unititled 4 (the nothing song) watching the live vid on youtube
  3. Good trader. Fast payment and very nice to deal with . would recommend highly.

  4. Excellent seller. Held an item for me for close to a month, delivery was quick and communitcation through the sale was great. all round great guy.

  5. can sometimes give incredibly innacurate advice so take caution if its of a technical nature.

  6. lewis hiscock

    M14 Picture Thread

    sorry to hear that gunner . know youve had your heart set on an m14 like that for a while. very nice looking gun, if i had any spare cash i'd snap it up straight away.
  7. truly excellent trader and all round great guy. you can enter into a sale with complete confidence. i would gladly deal with him any day

  8. lewis hiscock

    M14 Picture Thread

    as far as im aware the CYMA barrels are identical to the TM counterparts and so are perfectly ok for an M21 platform. Im pretty sure the CYMA is a direct clone of the TM. if im wrong and there is some difference someone please correct me.
  9. lewis hiscock

    M14 Picture Thread

    what do you mean?
  10. lewis hiscock

    M14 Picture Thread

    one of the last pics of me with mine before sold it. planning on getting another as soon as funds permit.
  11. Excellent seller , would highly recommend doing buisness together.

  12. Done a few deals together without a single problem. Very friendly, great comms generally great guy. You will not have a problem dealing with him.

    Cheers :)

  13. hey stealth , keep up the good work mate

  14. Have completed a few sales together, very trustworthy and fair with both selling and buying, would highly recommend trading with him

  15. lewis hiscock

    M14 Picture Thread

    i have the CYMA kit and it also comes with the stripper clip rail piece for fitting a scope ring. hope this helps

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