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  1. RedScare

    RMR mount for 4.3 Hi-Cappa slide?

    https://shop.jkarmy.com/ace-one-arms-red-dot-back-up-sight-base-for-tm-we-army-1911-series-bk-rmr.html Just use a dremel to make it fit
  2. RedScare

    Marcus Ravera

    The padding in cases can trap humidity and rust your rifle.
  3. RedScare

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    lol Titleist, he was admitting to breaking several different laws on this forum way before he got popped for exporting stuff. Some of the mods, that are no longer here, made the forum pretty toxic and let their ego get in the way. I stopped logging on mostly because I was already talking to other members off the forum, then my local field closed down, and i got into real steel. I pop in once in a while to check the news section or see if any gear is being sold. I miss the camaraderie
  4. good night sweet prince

  5. This gent sold me a WE MEU and I couldn't be happier with it. He shipped extremely fast, and I would definitely deal with him again. Thanks much!

  6. mosin mosin mosin mosin mosin mosin

  7. RedScare

    Steyr AUG FAQ and Helpdesk

    HAHA, the trademarks are about as correct as the phantom aug kits
  8. RedScare

    Steyr AUG FAQ and Helpdesk

    how about you offer some real advice to remedy the problem without your god damn elitist attitude. we *fruitcage* know you dont like the phantom aug kit and since this is a "AUG help desk" there will be questions about it. deal with it.
  9. RedScare

    What music are you currently listening to?

    it was highway to the danger zone now its Heartbreaker...

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