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  1. lol Titleist, he was admitting to breaking several different laws on this forum way before he got popped for exporting stuff. Some of the mods, that are no longer here, made the forum pretty toxic and let their ego get in the way. I stopped logging on mostly because I was already talking to other members off the forum, then my local field closed down, and i got into real steel. I pop in once in a while to check the news section or see if any gear is being sold. I miss the camaraderie
  2. Bought a RIA 1911 from a new shop in my area. Replaced the full guide length rod and replaced it with a GI one, so i could do this Fired 200 rounds with that set up and no problems.
  3. Does anyone has the PK-AS sight? If so, can you tell me how you like it (pros, cons, ect). A picture of the black dot would be great. in return som ak porn
  4. for those of you with real AR's. have you tried shooting with a clone eotech and if so how did they fair (hold zero, fully adjustable, ect)?
  5. good night sweet prince

  6. This gent sold me a WE MEU and I couldn't be happier with it. He shipped extremely fast, and I would definitely deal with him again. Thanks much!

  7. converted my saiga new fire control group romanian furniture retainer plate became this
  8. i have a question for those with a REAL STEEL vented upper handguard. is there the possibility of removing the vented part and replacing it with a wood upper?
  9. the only way to get a real AK in the states . im going to do the conversion soon, i just need a new dremel... its pretty awesome though. i was picking off .5 liter bottles at 100 yards got the scope a few days ago. cant wait to sight it in.
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