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  1. any shorty 1911's being crafted??
  2. i dont think u need to buy anything, as long as there is some tension and it doesn't fall out ur fine. just try not to play with it as much, change ur grips and leave it.
  3. the thread to your grip is stripped, you'll need to pop it out from the inside.
  4. The Zeke Slide is very nice, comes with a Barrel, rear and front sight. The finish is actually really nice i like it, it is diecast. But as expected it is very difficult to fit, the barrel also needs to be modded to fit. I have yet to finish it. I should have just saved for the PGC kit :angry22: :angry22:
  5. so where should i buy this??? i want the gun with the m4 and cqb barrel,FPS maybe 400-450?? dont care about trades. WGC or airsoftbuddy??? i do like airsoftbuddys customer service.
  6. http://www.wgcshop.com/pcart/shopper.php?i...-TMGMEUM_srch_1 They have 4 more slides too, ill be getting the FBI trail also.
  7. Zeke MEU middle production G10 grips nova magwell having problems fitting it, bbu is not set completely in , it is in too low and causes friction with the frame rails. what should i do?? tap lightly with ballpeen hammer?? or file down some parts??
  8. wheres that m14 with the modded folding stock??? i cant find the pictures i went back every page.
  9. awesome tommy Killbucket, i swear thats the gun machin gun kelly used. how did u do it??
  10. A threaded barrel adds 1 inch so a 6inch innerbarrel fits perfectly.
  11. baias6230 beat me to it, i was going to make this
  12. fal: The KJW 1911 will 100% work with TM mags, and vice versa. I have both
  13. mean looking m3 dannyboy, i like the heatshield and spiky flash hider
  14. Amazing gun bravo, your m249 kind of reminds me of a Stoner63
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