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  1. alimcd


    Hopefully this isn’t heresy, here’s my latest DMR build. KJ Works KC02, gutted and refitted with Rogueworx internals. Stuck in a Samson B-TM stock and given a custom turned tapered outer barrel. Run on the HPA adaptor at 170psi it makes a great noise with the steel bolt installed. In the pictures is an Alu bolt that I’ve got set up for slightly lower DMR power rules (1.8j vs 1.5j)
  2. alimcd


    Just outside Oxford, town called Abingdon. Great chap. https://www.oxfordengraver.com/contact-us/
  3. alimcd


    Well, it’s been 10 years or so since I last posted but I thought that this was Arnies worthy Purchased as a 2 tone, this is a good old fashioned Cyma clone M14. Hop up was garbage so swapped it out for a TM. Reshimmed, wired for a Gate-style fet, stuck a higher torque motor in, sorted the airseal and put a ML Macaron in to cap it off. Removed the bar for the fire selector to give a mechanical semi-only lock. Consistent output of 430-435 with 0.2’s Managed to find a real wood stock. It was a bit “orange” so I sanded it, stained it and sealed it with some OSMO (lovely stuff). Got a lo
  4. @kalashnikovkid: you are awesome that is all edit: can't spell
  5. Money doesn't grow on tree's It'd be nice if AK's did (I guess in a way some bits of them do)
  6. "Mind you, it may have made aiming a bit tricky..." Strongly suggested, but not said
  7. @ Finius, Loving the spetz You may want to consider spraying the selector and top cover in matt black, the JG purple is really obvious in the photo. Shame you couldn't have used the G+P top cover, its nice to have the matching serial numbers on the body and cover (in my oppinion at least). Mind you, it may have made aiming a bit tricky...
  8. Erm, 350 fps on a magnum is as far as I want to go. Its already eaten one pinion gear. The scope might make it on eventually, but I'm more a fan of iron sights and with its ROF theres not much point
  9. latest picture of my take on the Gretta project from ASR forums. Got it almost how I want it now, Used a burnt umber dye and some varnish on the JG SVD front grip and personally I think it looks pretty good now. Sanded down the bolt from the JG colour and clearcoted it, in the sun you can see your reflection in it... Got a spare SRC metal frontend to pop in it as soon as my AK74SU kit turns up, also got an element FTK in the post for it. Its no slouch at the moment though, ICS GB, 350fps spring, Magnum motor, prowin Hop, Shark bucking, Madbull barrel. The magnum has amazed me, ROF
  10. Cheers Darklite. Time to sound a little thick, What exactly is a trunnion? I'm guessing that its the front part of the reciever which name I dont know. If it is I'm quite keen to build it around the existing SRC one as it allows the housing of a larger battery. (metal as well, so should be nice and stable) A seperate thread would be fantastic. I've been keen to pop that wood set on my AKMS since I got it. The SRC wood effect is terrible, the metal parts aren't bad though, the internals were a pleasant surprise too, hopefully as soon as I'm not having to look at the plastic grip
  11. Erm, toward Darklite. Loving the AKMS. Just one quick question. I was going to put the same wood set on my src AKMS and I just wanted to know the extent of the modding to get it to fit? were you still able to use the Spetz outerbarrel? The foregrip looks too long to accomodate the original barrel. If you have any photos of the Process I'd love to see them, even just a walkthrough would be nice. Also, anyone know of anywhere that I can get a wooden 74 handgrip on its own? Cheers Ali
  12. I'm not fond of scopes at such short range. I just use a slightly modified Spetz sight. I use that red dot on a spetz-like AK now. One thing has been bugging me recently about the gun. The bolt. Anyone know of any good metallic spray paints?
  13. decided all that writing deserved a few more photo's Sorry about the quality edit, forgot to say, the one on the far right is a before photo
  14. My Project SVD-S got into a fight with a hacksaw Now its just perfect. Based on Gretta (if anyone reads airsoftretreat) I've fallen in love with this gun now, its finally working how it should... First of all the G+P body didn't fit the front set and there were major air leak issues. I bought a prowin Hop chamber and mounted the hop-up right on the gear box so I could line up the body screws but that led to feeding issues, one sector delayer later, and that was solved. making gretta has taught me a few things about the quality in general of the clone guns. I think the clones
  15. I'm really jealous guys, I placed my preorder on 20th May, he's got ages to go before he gets to me...
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