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  1. Retro-Cow

    First look at the H.K 3Px4 GBB

    From what I gather, the slide is made of pot metal?? Or is it just not very good Aluminum?
  2. Retro-Cow

    Forum skin/software upgrades 3.2

    I may be missing something but when changing your avatar you are limited to the 90x90 square crop, is this going to stay like this?
  3. Retro-Cow

    1911 Picture Thread

    Thanks Guys Parts are as follows WE 1911 MEU. -Pachmayr American Legend Grips. -Nine Ball Recoil Spring Guide. -Had to drill a hole in the original WE spring plug because the Nine Ball one was a tad too long and broke my Bushing. Also I used the WE Recoil Spring as it was stronger than the NB one. -Polished Controls and Slide Other than that it's stock.
  4. Retro-Cow

    1911 Picture Thread

    WE 1911 MEU Got a couple more things to do when money becomes available.

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