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  1. I don't know any local suppliers off the top of my head, but you could order it directly at Samoon (http://samoon.com.tw/conversion-kit/c-ak/akmsu-bw-kit). They usually charge around 20US$ shipping fee for small parcels to Europe, but you could make it worthwhile by also getting some other bits like O-rings, nozzles and any other spare parts you might want.
  2. Nice! : ) By the way: In your "shopping basket" on the last page, you listed the recoil kit with the long gas piston. Make sure you get the kit with the short gas piston for the 74u. You probably knew that, but just to make sure... ; )
  3. If you don't have a preference in terms of the platform (AK vs AR) and if you're willing to spend the extra cash, I'd argue that you'll definitely get the better gun with the GHK. I'm obviously biased as I like this platform quite a bit, but even going by objective criteria, the WEs I've had the chance to get my hands on so far (M4, SCAR) couldn't really hold their own against the GHK AK series in terms of performance (gas efficiency, cooldown and cold weather performance) as well as quality (LCT steel receiver, tank-like build). In the end, the question is still a subjective one and so is mo
  4. What I'd recommend getting with any GHK AK to get you started aside from the gun and magazines: The Samoon Enhanced Blow Back Kit (I'd take this over the Hephaestus one because it comes with a stiffer recoil spring, not just a steel gas piston. Weight-wise, they are pretty much the same.) One Hepheastus steel sear, as the original one will break after a while (if GHK still hasn't upgraded these things out of the box, which I presume they haven't). Either a spare plastic hop-up unit or an upgraded metal one. I'd avoid the Team-GBB unit (because of the akwardly shaped bucking hole) and go for e
  5. Kick-wise, I'd rate the 105 above the 74U, since it features a considerably longer and heavier gas piston - which especially makes a difference if you go for the steel gas pistons offered by Samoon/Hephaestus. For the same reason, the short GHK AK variants tend to have a slightly higher fire rate. Personally, I'd say that a steel gas piston is an obligatory purchase when going with the CO2 magazines. Aside from the cold weather performance, CO2's benefits come mostly in the form of massive recoil, while performance wise it actually falls a tad short due to the noticably worse consistency comp
  6. What kind of muzzle velocity consistency are you folks getting with your GHK AKs? I've noticed that using the ProWin nozzle and chamber in combination with CO2 mags, the muzzle velocity drops by 2-3 fps per shot, making for a quite massive overall drop of 100 fps between the first and the last shot of a 40rd magazine. If you've made some consistency measurements on your AKs, I'd appreciate if you could post the results and your setups. : )
  7. Thanks for the feedback, everyone! I've been trying to update the guide with some more stuff (like typical setups, muzzle velocity measurements etc.) and the info you provided, but it won't let me edit the post anymore. I've tried to reach out to the mods to see if that can be changed, but so far I wasn't able to get ahold of anyone. Interesting. When I tested that, I had already installed my tightbore barrel, so the muzzle velocity of my gun was higher than that of a stock setup anyway, but I still recall a clear difference in fps between green gas and CO2 even with the 1J nozzle. I
  8. INTRODUCTION Being part of a small team that has been playing exclusively with GHK AK series guns over the last years and maintaining these guns, I’ve become quite familiar with the platform, its parts market and upgradability as well as typical issues a GHK AK user might run into. Since I’m still noticing a lot of technical questions coming up regarding the platform in other threads, I thought I might as well take a couple moments to write up a couple words and provide an overview over GHK’s AK system. Now, I’m aware that some of what I’m writing here will seem rather obvious to some of yo
  9. The selector and the selector lever are held together with a screw (sitting on top of the selector lever) that looks more like a rivet. The screw doesn't have a notch, so you're going to have to use something like pliers or a spanner to grab it in order to get it off. The actual selector is held inside the receiver via a C-clip sitting on the right side (the side the lever is mounted) which you can simply push out using a screw driver or pliers. If your selector doesn't move properly with the selector lever and thus fails to move off the disconnector, that's most likely caused by the leve
  10. This is a picture of me during Border War 4, taken by one of the event's photographers, Adele. As is easy to guess by those who are familiar with the setting, I was playing as a Nuevo Ordenar volunteer in the Iron Legion. ; )
  11. It's kind of a late reply, but maybe still relevant to you. The effect barrel length has on accuracy is negligible. If both barrels are manufactured with the same consistency of inner diameter, which I assume they are, since they're from the same retailer, I doubt there will be a noticable difference in accuracy between the regular K98k and the mountaineer carbine. Also, I wouldn't worry about the wear on those aforementioned bolt-parts. I've used my Tanaka K98k in alot of games as a primary and the bolt cycles and locks into place like it should after years of using it. If the po
  12. It's upgraded to 500 fps and also uses a Prometheus 6,03 mm barrel with a length of 590 mm, so the maximum effective combat range is 60-70 meters. Some people prefer the Tokyo Marui M14 over the King Arms FAL as a long-range AEG, but once you have exchanged the FAL's hop-up rubber and tuned the rifles to such high power, they really are on par with each other. After adding the metal R.I.S. and the folding stock I noticed the rifle is now just too heavy and big to be used in regular woodland surroundings in the summer (when there is a lot of foliage) though and furthermore the perfect bal
  13. Well, since I own one, I can't tell. My guess is that the new S40 might be the overall more balanced and probably "better" car, if it's possible to say such a thing, but you have to have driven a Saab to understand the magic surrounding them.
  14. Under no circumstances is it my intention to start a discussion, but it is a fact that the Volvo S40 is built on the current Ford Focus platform, as I have mentioned above. Also, this platform is not "some shoddy american rubbish", but an excellent platform with a lot of potential. Please compare your informations with those provided by any review of any qualified magazine around and you will see that you were wrong. Anyway, no reason to be so aggressive. On another note, the reliability-issues of Saab engines are not present any more in the newer models, provided you don't make excessiv
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