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  1. I've heard this from a lot of people, but my VFC AKS-74's rail works perfectly fine with my Cobra and PK-A.
  2. Why a Cobra? It's a romanian gun, not a russian one. I don't know what reddots the romanians use (if any), but I don't see why a Cobra should be any more probable than other types.
  3. It's a good idea to remove the gearbox before doing stuff like that, especially if you want to leave them out for a while to give them some weathering. Rusty AK - sweet, rusty internals - royal pain in the *albatross*.
  4. I tried that about a month ago, and he was out of stock of PK-A and PK-AS. The former will probably not be available again, as it is out of production afaik. I've done other business with Tantal though, and he definitely is a good retailer.
  5. The AK-100 series carbines all look the same, so your gun can replicate any of them by just using the appropiate mag.
  6. Looking great! One of the first decent Airsoft AK-47s I've ever seen.
  7. You can add the spring from a ballpoint pen to the bolt spring, this will make the mechanism stiffer again.
  8. I've read some bad stories about Kalinka Optics, so I wouldn't bother ordering from them. Try Tantal: http://tantal.kalashnikov.guns.ru/ He doesn't have a working online store, but the site shows pretty much everything he sells (without price tags for some misterious reason though). My advice is to search what you're looking for on his site, if you can't find it, look at Kalinka. Then drop Tantal an email or call him directly. He's probably able to get it for you, and he actually is reliable. The best sources for russian stuff are often those that have the worst internet presence - don't l
  9. Nope, AK-74M has the same two mounting brackets as AKS-74: And I think the RS AK-74M stock is solid rather than hollow like on the dboys replica. dboys has the advantage of making it possible to fit a battery in the stock though, which is what I'm trying to do right now.
  10. The weathering looks damn nice though!
  11. If you want the gun for the occasional use or as a wall hanger, I'd go with the clone. If you want it as your main gun, I'd get a VFC or RMW gun. The RMW kits are cheaper than the VFC guns, but you need to get a mechbox for them or upgrade the Cyma box Ting sells with them, so you'll probably end up at about the same cost as a VFC (which is already great out of the box).
  12. It's a highcap, so this doesn't really matter.
  13. It's not an AK, it just uses some AK design elements. Much like the Saiga shotgun:
  14. No, it's not the wrong size. You just have to adjust the mounting clamp of the scope.
  15. Neat! Those RMW AKMS seem to multiply like rabbits nowadays
  16. Well because as I understand the IDF doesn't really use them anymore, because they can get Armalites from the US very cheap. I should have said: "for any current day loadout" though
  17. Love the galil! Too bad one can't use it for any loadout anymore.
  18. Beautiful! That gun really looks like it has been to Chechnya and back. Can you tell us how exactly you weathered the gun? I guess you gave it a good ol' treatmend o' steel wool. What else?
  19. You could also keep the VFC wood and simply refinish it. That way you'll also be able to keep a LiPo in the front grip and install a dummy bolt later. Grüsse zurück!
  20. Very nice weathering! Unicorn?
  21. Hi guys! I'm looking to get a metal slide for my KWC M93R, but I can't find a stronger recoil spring for it. I've checked a lot of retailers, and none of them had it in stock. Now I thought, maybe I could just use one for a KSC/KWC M92. Are those interchangeable?
  22. Looking great! Waaay better than the VFC one. How did you do the pistol grip?
  23. That would be sweet indeed, but I doubt it will be done. Just because next to no-one knows that current production RPK-74s have black polymer furniture (with a solid folding stock? I'm not sure about that right now), and the russians don't use them a lot, PKMs do their job now. The only reason someone would make one is because it's not a lot of work to do. RPK-kits are there, you'd just have to make new furniture for them. We could ask Tink about that. I would prefer an Airsoft PKM though. Maybe VFC will make one some day..
  24. That's what I wanted to show: You don't need to rape an AK with rails and the like in order to add some usefull "tacticool" stuff to it. And I know that a lot on that AKSU is incorrect, but imho the additions show some taste (certainly more than an AK-47 with the furniture sprayed black and truckload of rails added to it).
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