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  1. Hello everyone, I am currently doing an m727/M733 project (i cant decide!) but have snagged on trying to source a set of m733/Xm177/Skinny/Slim handguards Does anyone know of a reliable, and cost effective supplier that is not a billion miles away from the UK?
  2. myself and a friend with our fancypants support weapons. me on the right. At longmoor a few weeks ago, about to bodge some house clearance. me in the jeans same place, doing some sneaking a dramatic fire-fight scene in which i duck for cover and hide in a most heroic fashion.
  3. Fair enough, Using the issued goggles I can still get a perfectly clear sight picture without the goggles touching the eye cup as well. I tried with my paintball mask, but couldent get to it because of the cheek being so far away from the stock.
  4. all right Gents, Thought some people might be interested to know that I bought a "WII SUSAT" (thats W-i-i) from ebaybanned. Its actually pretty good and very decent price. I had to fiddle around to get it to sit verticle on my ICS l85, but the eye relief is good (about 10-15mm)from the eye cup (I can wear shooting glasses and see through it perfectly, without it touching the goggles). I will get some photos of it at some point, although it would seem everyone is ditching the SUSAT for ACOGs (which displeases me).
  5. damn it M4, you will be L119

  6. hey guys, sorry to troll this thread a bit, but does anyone have any guides to show how to reassemble the trigger assembly of a KSC G17? I'm stumped. maybe send me a PM so this thread doesnt go too far off course.
  7. chris costa aint got nothing on my shooting style. unfortunately the photographer caught me at a bad moment when i was unable to correctly shoulder my weapon for fear of being obliterated. we had been held back for so long that it was "do what ever the fridge it takes to get forwards. i was actually quite fond of this firing position as i could casually lay on my side and blat away. good thing about a minimi is there is no need for mags so my webbing was pretty empty apart from a huge bag of BBs. im good, but im not that good.
  8. we just bought a new ICS plastic RIS m4 full stock to replace my dads busted up old TM m4. i must say i was a bit skeptical at first because of my fear of plastic M4s in the past (barrel wobble, poor quality etc). i must say, all doubts have been blown out of the water. imagine, if you will, a top end ICS gun. take the metal body and replace it with a well finished, strong plastic body that looks exactly the same finish wise. these guns are fantastic. my friends have been using them for a while and have promised they are very relable (ie they last a long time before they need repairing) a
  9. Machalley, what is the AK pictured second one down? thats possibly the most badass AK ive seen. i want one. now.
  10. me too. i still laugh every time my laptop starts up
  11. me at the end of CQB romford. couldent gt my helmet on properly for the photo. it doesnt like going over comtacs. either way i didnt wear it while playing. my dad firing his AK down a corridor wearing his black jacket. having a good natter during some down time between a game. finally a team photo taken around a jeep w/ .50 airsoft gun. me just to the left of it. the red towel ws there to protect the radiator i think.
  12. myself at a recent game. sadly my m4 packed up so i was running an AK, hence all the clips not being dont up, but the velcro was holding tem closed. at CAG weekender last year, running PLCE and a Mk1 minimi. father son element at GZ2009. bunch of our mismatched guys at GZ2009 laying some hurt on some people in teh bushes me and a good mate at a snowy game. again had to use an AKs74u because of an ever reliable m4
  13. Hey guys, loving the glocks. just recently joined the club with a second hand Glock 17, but its god many issues. im hoping to make it shot reall well in the near future, but at the moment it wont run at all. This would seem the place to askfor some help, as im new to the glock world. Can i direct you to my thread of issues? http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=183944 i would really appreciate it if you guys took a look and maybe answered some of my questions.
  14. quite impressive because you made it at school! im using the lathe to turn some work atm aswell. does it affect the sound at all?
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