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  1. Thanks a lot, this adaptor seems great! I see on photo that on the other side there also the same ding of the side that have the connectors, do you know if is it possibile to have connectors on both side so to use tu batteries in parallel?
  2. Very good review and nice photos! As druid799 I'm also interested in this adaptor, it looks great! could you tell us something more? thanks
  3. Thanks to both! for this moment I will take the gun as it is, and when I will have money to do it, I will buy a pdi's precision barrell and a firefly soft rubber!!
  4. Thanks! In this case I will keep the original one! Anyway do you have some sugggestion to improve accuracy or fps without touch the gearbox? what about a pdi's 6.05 precision barrel? I've heard that it could be the right compromise to improve a little bit both accuracy then fps, anyone tried?
  5. No suggestion for hop-up rubber? could you link to me this gas block? I would build a sopmod block II cqb using my marui sre cqb, and I'm searching for a compatible RAS and gas block! Do you know if madbull ras is compatible with marui thread?
  6. ops... yes, I'm a little bit overexcited for this fantastic aeg! I'm sorry! Anyway I would change only the hop-up rubber, not the entire unit!
  7. Changing the World, One Person at a Time

  8. I love so much my cqbr that I have ordered a sopmod... Anyway I have a few question, first of all, which is the best hop-up unit to improve accuracy and range? In this topic I have read about firefly, but on other forums I have read positive opinion on new madbull transparent and black hopup, especially for their custom pressor. And, I would buy a SOPMOD Block II DD ras, which one is compatibile with stock SRE? thanks!
  9. I'm a new member of this group, I justi bought a cqbr tan!!!! It's fantastic!!! What about your new battery Richard Y? I would buy one of them ASAP!
  10. very nice review. I was undecided between this and TM M4 SOPMOD SRE and your review give to me more needed info! thanks!
  11. the gun seems good, but logos are terrible...
  12. Thanks a lot for your reply!!! This is a fantastic info because I won't order from overseas, but at the same time I would buy this asg asap!
  13. Thanks for this comparison! I have a pair of the original one (I love it...) and I'm very happy to see these detailed photos of the differences between real and replicas one!
  14. Can you post the real size of the internal? have you tryed to put inside a lipo? and which lipo fit inside?
  15. Thanks a lto for this review!!! It seems a fantastic gun and with this very large magazine it can be a very good support weapon in game!
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