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  1. Looking swell. Any of you star/ares owners running a mosfet?
  2. Actually it's a L119a1 allthough it's missing the correct front sight. But I agree, classic "clean" guns are the shiznit!
  3. I like that you pained that hideous JG "svd". Makes it harder to see it, which is a good thing! JK, looking good!
  4. Ehem. One of them is missing it's suppressor...
  5. The Hornbill rail should fit on the Ares L85. If I'm not mistaken, the 1st Gen Ares is identical to the Star versions. Me and "my boys" all have Hornbill rails on our Star L85's. We got all our l85 parts at rsov but it looks like the rail is discontinued, it's not present on their site anymore. *Edit* Just brought out my gun to fondle it and remembered some crucial information about mounting the Hornbill ras to the Star l85. The gas-block/sight post must be milled down in order to close the "lid" on the ras. Aprox' 2mm. The mounting "lugs" on the gun that fit into the two holes on
  6. Lajjvo


    Very nice gun indeed. I agree with Anfrax.
  7. Ok. I've only seen it mounted that way on the Lmg. I guess it's more a question of how your stance is when you use the weapon. I could never use mine that way at least.
  8. Looks good. But how on earth can you use the sight when the mount is on backwards?
  9. Guy's come one! Stop posting those SVD pictures. I've promised myself not to buy any more airsoft related stuff for a while (moving into a new apartment etc) How the heck could I keep that promise when you tempt me with those smexy svd's...
  10. I just thought of something a friend who's really into Russian kit told me. The story behind all those wooden stock svd's with polymer handguard is that the wood hanguard breaks easily. Mind you, it is probably way better than any airsoftwood (RealSword not included, don't know the quality of those). For airsoft use, I would guess that a set of RS handguards would do just fine, but polymer would be "better". And they look damn cool too!
  11. Bersy: You could try http://soviet-military.com The svd handguard is sold out, but they might get more. And if you email them, I'm pretty sure they can get a set for you. In soviet russia...
  12. bravo1nine: Very nice photos indeed. You've managed to look miserable on all of them too. I'm with Grindstone on this one. With some tweaks in photoshop, those pictures would look authentic!
  13. Wow Bersy. The gun looks amazing and the picture is just brilliant.
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