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  1. Now if only RA-Tech will make a steel version of that selector armature. This one is not log for this world...
  2. Looks like this is the weekend of breakage. Plinking this weekend my niece broke part of the hammer off and something else...that I have yet to figure out what was. The weapon still shoots fine, but wear is showing up on the selector in the same place as Reppyboyo. While it hasn't broken there is a hairline crack towards the barrel right up against the selector cradle. That tells me that this is a really common problem. She is on magazine 59 apparently. I asked her to leave it be until I can find a selector part to replace this one if it falls out. I don't think she is going to listen thou
  3. No not yet. My niece will not consent to my desire to take apart these magazines until she can get some new ones since these work...more or less and she fears I will break them. lol
  4. You know this might actually be the issue. The mags can load more than 30, that is for sure. I am no expert on this, but it could be. Sadly loading less BBs didn't fix it so these mags might be just screwed. I can also report that the Ultimak rail fits without much fuss. I had to file it just a little on the bottom and shim it with a manila envelope clasp painted black to stop some side-to-side wobble. The optic mounts up to it nicely and she could care less about the rear sight now since the optic is way higher. The gun also has one more, not as hard, session of playing under its' bel
  5. My niece just got this and she has run it really hard the last few days. She emptied exactly 42 magazines (4 mags x 10 reloads each and 2 more plinking) worth of BBs so far. She had a blast with it playing in the rain with her male cousins and it was a big hit with them. They are notorious high price AS snobs, but this gun made them take notice. Pretty solid overall, but as adadqgg has stated, the parts that are potmetal or some of the scariest on the gun and concern me. Right now the biggest issues are that the gun still likes to fire a lot when empty (It did well for a while, but now non
  6. For once in the history of the universe Evike and I agree on something... to watch their video. When you first get this thing you are so happy because the gun looks/feels good, but own it for a brief time and...just watch the video as they cover the same woes that urk me about gun.
  7. You might want to hold off on getting one of the current AK74. Seems there are several AK variant GBBs coming soonish. GHK is even releasing new AKs and they are not compatible with each other from initial reports, so many of the current aftermarket improvements will be useless with them, but there is a high likelihood they will be superior to the current generation.
  8. ^That one They are designed to allow you to slip them into normal M4 pouches as opposed to doubles.
  9. So a local (Hawaii) airsofter who recently went to HK and came back with a bunch of toys claims that his METAL GBBR is a JG M4. It has a short barrel and an RIS. I wasn't allowed to crack it open to look at it (yeah...that is what makes me doubt it is a JG), but it did for sure have a JG magazine and bolt carrier group. Initially I wrote it off as a WE M4 CQB rolling my eyes at the whole affair. Then he cocked it. Its' bolt chamber lacked the copper assembly of the WE and it had trades (Awful ones...) on the metal body. I really want this to be true, but I cannot believe that these are not eve
  10. Magnets work to get out most CO2 cylinders, but Tippman. They are aluminium, so you would be boned with those. I want the closed bolt short barrel, but they don't seem to have it in anywhere.
  11. Yup...it looks like the SCAR mags fix a lot of the issues folks are having. My brother has ONLY SCAR mags and his gun cycles fantastic. Did a test and it won't lock back and has a lower FPS with either the Normal WE black mags or the 5KU mags. This is just too weird. So basically the 1/2 millimeter or so of rubber on the SCAR mags helps it cycle better, but what on the SCAR mag is helping them lock back better?
  12. If it locks up, the O-Ring degrading will be the least of his issues...
  13. realizing how broke he REALLY is...

  14. Torque, is it really cold to the touch? It might actually be the lubricant freezing. My mate had this issue. He likes using copious amounts of lube on his guns. His PDW was having similar cycling issues around the 5th magazine. We later learned that the lubricant was freezing. Using less lube worked for him. You might want to try using gearbox grease as opposed to spray lubricant. We found that it was much less susceptible to freezing and locking up than the spray lube.
  15. The forums are loading SUPERFAST for me now. Whatever you did, my hat is off to you, Arnie! If you have any graphics/flash you would like I can whip up some if you would like. I just dimensions and a cursory explaination of what you fancy to get rolling. Just an offer.
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