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  1. My first painted G36: UK Desert-inspired as that's what i'm wearing at Phoenix Rising.
  2. Brilliant! It is nice to know at least that i'm not going mad, and it's not a "mac thing" Thanks, Arnie!
  3. is perhaps your work laptop using a VPN to do its IP stuff? then the IP isn't really changing as far as Arnie's is concerned...just a thought!
  4. ...and...my router just had to reconnect, and guess what? I had to log in again. I'm convinced it's due to IP address changing.
  5. Just tried it...flushed the cookies on iPhone and Mac. Logged both back in on my WiFi...just went out to tesco and tried the iPhone...got the "Board Message" page about following an outdated link etc. again. Ah well
  6. Hmm. I'll give it a try but it does seem to me to be an "arnie's" thing, simply because - if I log in to arnies on my mac, then log in on the iphone from an EDGE connection, it means that next time I refresh arnie's on the mac, I have to log in again...it's as if there's a cookie that can only exist after a good login on one machine. I'll try flushing them all and see what happens though.
  7. hi, as an iPhone user and someone who uses lots of different places to log in from, I find it slightly painful to have to keep logging in every time my ip address changes (i.e. Every different celltower!) none of the other sites I regularly use seem to do this, the cookie left on the iPhone seems to be enough to keep me logged in wherever I am. Is it too much to hope that Arnie might change this one day? Cheers!
  8. A dildo is the least of your worries at the werkz, you might be going prone in a mixture of paintball and "club juice" - you learn to live with it. If it's any consolation, a dildo kill is classed as the most humiliating kill of all, even worse than ED-SKaR tagging you when he hasn't really registered on your radar as a combatant.
  9. At Electrowerks we allow knife kills with rubber dildoes. Now *that* is skirmish-unfriendly.
  10. you know what, as soon as I pressed the button I realised that I had frakked up, and it was bound to be something like that. Do they launch nerf rounds or something like that?
  11. which units of the South Yorkshire police are currently deploying grenadiers?
  12. haha, yes...the carrying of the P90 mags is one of the universe's great unsolved questions..."oh god, please, how DO I carry more than four P90 midcaps without looking like a cheap christmas tree?"
  13. hello mate Kit is in the post, be with you before monday 1pm I have a P90 with the Laylax boxmag. Don't let the p90 nazis grind you down...and always be wary of people who care more about a gun's looks than its effectiveness The way it works is this: The Box on top of the whole assembly holds 1800 or so rounds. The M4 HICAP sits in a well underneath it. it has to have the loading door open on the M4 mag so the box can gravity-fill the M4 mag. You then wind the m4 mag to keep the p90 fed. It's a weird old system but it works perfectly well and you have somewhere to put a b
  14. that's really nice...i'm going to make one of those for myself...I don't like the high carry handle/scope so was planning to keep the C's rail for my Eotech. NICE! (i'm gonna krylon mine up in multicam-esque design, I think)
  15. Noveske flash hider y'say? Oh yes.
  16. RSP 1 is correct...I didn't even open the front cover on my aimpoint...it works without it open. However, now I have a real Eotech...i cannot ever change. It IS Wonderful.
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