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  1. Calm down fellas, it's a trollpost.
  2. Gooberz

    Custom Gear

    http://www.cardella.tk/2011/04/tiger-stripe-raid-bdu-mod.html < - Full writeup Raid mod Tiger stripe. The right shoulder pocket is now velcro, and has a flag on it. Left will be too, as soon as I get my sewing stuff here at school.
  3. Yes, I know the JG SVD isn't accurate. I can list all the differences off the top of my head - THAT IS IRRELEVANT, AND NOT WHAT I ASKED. I'm asking if anyone likes it due to MAG COMPATIBILITY, nothing else. Not true, Sean has one. The point is not having to buy extra mags for an AEG that you can't swap with AKs. I buy my own mags, too. It's just something the Armalite crowd likes to throw around - "Swap mags with your squad!". I don't see anyone complaining about the G36 magwell conversions... Besides the fact they suck, that is.
  4. Gooberz

    Custom Gear

    My local Wal-mart actually had some. Probably not as tough as the real deal, but alot cheaper. Back it with canvas or cordura and it's good to go.
  5. I know I'll probably get flamed for this, but does anyone see the JG SVD as a good thing, because it allows you to swap mags with your AK-using teammates?
  6. The GP-25 and GP-30 were developed after the AK74 was put into service. Not to mention, there's no room for the stock to fold. You'll only find side-folder pics with a grenade launcher.
  7. The lump of epoxy on the tip is still wet, that's why I haven't sanded it. It's a tight little CQB package. I just chopped 6 inches off the front.
  8. The Nozzles and loading arms are the important bits. I was surprised about how sturdy the DE trishots were.
  9. You can make your own SPAS 12 cage out of sheet metal or PVC. People do it to build prop M41A Pulse Rifles.
  10. Care to back that up with a link?
  11. Gooberz

    Custom Gear

    The greasy smudge on the stock is sweat from my cheek, just fore of the velcro.
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