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  1. Hi all, first log in since March 2011 waves.. looking to see what’s new these days.
  2. This is interesting , I have always felted a little ashamed that none of my large collection of AEGs was a tm never really anything I wanted, this might just fit the bill had been toying with a famas just to have a tm, like the look of the recoil to, I got a wa M4 GBB a while back the biggest waste of money ever.
  3. The issue I have with mine is it's very loud, I had a G&G which was much quieter , another issue is mags dropping out and no am not hitting the release. Saying that mine was one of the early versions when it was just released. My kwa m4 out ranges it too
  4. jonny2400

    KJW M4

    Guys I have read through, a never ending page after page, and I have not seen, much talk about the mags, Other than I like or dislike the thermold finish. I would not care if they are Pink with Love Hearts, as long as they don't LEAK !! I have a WA System, no upgrades can fix the BIGGEST PROBLEM with that system, I could spend £1000 on a CNC Bolt and its still useless as the Mags LEAK !! DO THE KJW MAGS LEAK..... EVEN a little ???? (People gloss over this fact with WE & WA Systems, and I do not know how it does not brother them, All I want is a Mag, that I can fill with gas
  5. How does the recoil compare? , Is it even noticeable ? I have a m4 GBB and the recoil is nothing to write home about. Really think if the Recoil is 1/2 that of a GBB, it would be a better choice, GBB can't even been improved (I know their are lots of upgrade pats, but whats the point??? All the Mags are completey useless Its like spending lots of money upgrading an AEG and not being able to buy working Batterys for it. They are the most important part and no Manufactor can make ones that don't leak. You can buy as many as you want, but when your playing Airsoft, The ones in your
  6. Thanks for the honest reply. That puts me off straight away, Leaking mags, surely they can make a mag that does not leak, I mean, its not like its made from lightweight, fine materials, and are small light weight objects ie the size of a match box, they are bloody great big, .75kg lumps of metal that can't hold what lynx's cans have held for years GAS. What about the CO2 mags, do they also leak?
  7. Guys I have the WA system M4, and well have not used it outside as all the WA Mags are ###### poor, I have 5 at home, that Would have leaked all their Gas while sitting in my vest, waiting to be used at a game. I like the Idea & I like the SCAR, whats the mags like
  8. The noise, is becase the motor is slightly low. And the gears are incorrectly aligend, Your ongoing use in this condtion has damaged either the Pinion or the bevel gear, possibility Both. The noise will contuine until these parts are repacted and when you refit them, insure you put a little gease on the new Pinion, and only use semi when testing.
  9. jonny2400

    AGM M4 GBB

    I take it they are a tight fit. I had to work the inside of my mag well any way, as my AGM mags would go in and not come out. Being trying to find a review, but can't find any. Do they leak and hows cool down on Full auto
  10. jonny2400

    AGM M4 GBB

    Prowin Mags?............... Any good?
  11. jonny2400

    AGM M4 GBB

    Ok guys I bought into the AGM right at the start, however quickly give up and its been in its box for months- The reasons was down to useless mags & after reviewing the other makes, they all appeared seriously flawed. Ok my question...... Has the Pro win fixed this? I got 4 AGM mags v1 & v2 all leaked like mad, The GHK & bombers were getting mixed reviews and at £50 a pop and needing fixed from new. I left it, But the Idea of a working GGB M4 still appeals Whats the thought on the pro win's for the AGM, any good
  12. Over at the KWA formus their is a very detailed reason from KWA why they use the Metal Piston head, Like you too I had considered changing it. But after reading the engineering reports from KWA cheif designer the use of a Metal Piston head offers much more benefits that a polycarbonate version. To quote their cheif engineer if a polycaronate piston head was better than the Metal version it would have been fitted as standard, But in tests the metal version the best.
  13. jonny2400

    AGM M4 GBB

    Really wish someone somewhere would sit down and make a/ Mags that are light weight, and do not leak..........!! b/ Mags that are light weight and can take a Co2 powerlet.
  14. jonny2400

    AGM M4 GBB

    seconded Any one using GHK mags
  15. jonny2400

    AGM M4 GBB

    Really need some help please. I got the AGM when they first came out, as I wanted to try the new GBB experience. However I got left with a sour taste, mostly about the mags, the one that came with my M4 failed on the first day, I then shelled out £100 for another 3 new AGM V2 which all leak like mad. Which Mags should I get GHK? Also the white part on my bolt cracked after a few shots or poss was shipped cracked, Will this part below fit, to allow me a straight swap? http://www.ebairsoft.com/complete-bolt-car...ure-p-2624.html Also I had the dripping BB problem,
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