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  1. It's gonna be high as a hippie, so I don't think it's gonna be practical.
  2. This is my first review, and my first airsoft rifle, so bear with me if I do a bit to much praising, but I’ll will try to do my best in pointing out the good and bad spots. Images come at the bottom for those interested Real Steel info (stolen from http://world.guns.ru): In the late 1970s the Swiss army began the search for a new, smaller caliber rifle to replace old,full-power 7.5mm Stgw.57 (SIG 510) automatic rifle. Initial tests were done with the 5.6 x 48 Eiger and 6.5 x 48 GP80 ammunition. Prototype rifles were developed by SIG (based on their SG-540 design) and by the state-
  3. No, think MG36 with a double mag and a c-rail on top
  4. I got a request for you guys here! I'd like to see a g36 with the bipod handguard, normal lenght barrel, C top rail, a double magasine and either the G&P telescopic stock. This is how i'm thinking of building an ag36 sometime, and just wanna see how it looks
  5. Why sell it if you're gonna miss it?
  6. Got a question about the long mags, vill they fit into an M4 pouch, or will they be to long?
  7. mikoyan99 - You have Terminator eyes in the pic with the Uzi, like it!
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