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  1. I'm not sure about you guys but my AEGs are more reliable than women and cost a good bit less!
  2. The road surfaces here in New England are just about the worst things ever. Because of the freezing and thawing and everything there are huge sections of road missing. Then every once in a while the town "fixes" it by poorly applying patches which themselves break up. I feel so bad for my suspension.
  3. I don't like the angles too much. It should be much more flat and easier to see the cars. Also I think you should include a bit more around the cars.
  4. Nice, you're pakol is on wrong though. It's supposed to be worn more on the top of your head and not pulled down. Looks good though
  5. History class + 5 min in GIMP
  6. I got assed on by my Sawtooths. Right after I took them out of the package, one of the grommets (the ones which stick out near the top of the boot) ripped when I was tightening up the laces. I just sent them back and got a pair of Moab Mids instead.
  7. Well he has passed improvements and ideas along to the factory so I'd say that's to our benefit...
  8. Very small waist or very large pouches?
  9. Do you think that Magpul would make a new model with this design>
  10. I was thinking of the wrong equation... it's only my first year of chem...
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