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  1. Yes, the guarder frames have full trades on them.
  2. Polished my frame and polished the side of my limcat slide. Looks a little more racy. Plan on getting some blue WE grips soon.
  3. Looks good junior. Looks better than I thought it would.
  4. I hear ya rom, I have those same exact complaints with th 9ball thumb safety. I personally like the way single sided safeties look.
  5. Made my own duckbill grip safety and polished the pins.
  6. I thought they were but didn't know for sure. Well then, the chamber is perfect.
  7. My new hi-capa. And yes thats a hybrid chamber. Got it fairly cheap so... yea.
  8. The infinity slide looks good junior. That gun looks exactly like my old one.
  9. My TM 1911 when it was nice and stock.
  10. Thanks. Yes, the PGC slide is cnc machined. My Glock is a TM and it has a PGC slide on it.
  11. THanks Rom. Mine has a gap in the front too, still doesn't rattle when I shake the gun though. I guess it's TM thing.
  12. No reposts from the old thread please. - Hoppum
  13. krame

    1911 Picture Thread

    Well, you can't really get just a slide unless you get the SD slides made for the hi-capa. They'll work but you need the Tanio Koba slide spacer. There are basically only full metal kits for the TM 1911. I don't know of any US retailer that sells many if any SD slides.
  14. krame

    1911 Picture Thread

    The guarder body kit isn't the best but it's the cheapest. If your going for a 2-tone look like the one your posted why don't you get the black version and just sand and polish the flat area of the frame. Here is the slide spacer on Dentrinity: Here
  15. krame

    1911 Picture Thread

    Put my 9ball controls on my Delta.
  16. krame

    1911 Picture Thread

    No the frames are not compatible. I don't think there are any silver frames for the TM 1911 that yo can buy individually. You have to buy the whole slide/frame kit. I have seen a few individual frames but they are not silver.
  17. Very nice. Your missing one more thing though to finish off the trademarks, the SD mag baseplate.
  18. Well I have the PGC slide and it is very good in finish and fit. No modification to get it to work right. I have never handled a avalon steel slide before but I'm pretty sure it'll give you much more wieght and feel more like a RS glock.
  19. The gun is looking good Junior. Thanks Rom. I think it's a new version of the PGC slides. It is kind of shiny and has polished finish instead of the matte finish and it came with a black barrel instead of a silver one.
  20. krame

    1911 Picture Thread

    My Delta with my other guns.
  21. Got some new parts in. 9ball controls, mag catch and WE beavertail.
  22. Got the parts installed on my G17. So far I'm really liking this gun now. Recoil is hard, fast and the gun has a nice sound to it now. I'm definitely going to be upgrading this further, just don't know if I want to go with the race gun look.
  23. I didn't know you were building a glock Rom. Silver avalon slide? What do you plan on doing to it? I'll have pics of my PGC'd TM G17 up later. I might turn it into a race style glock.
  24. Switched to a black stippled grip.
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