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  1. I agree . not only does it look great, It really may be one of the quietest guns I've ever heard with the exception of a foamed GB/suppressed TM p90
  2. You would think they could lower their price when cutting out the middle man lol
  3. how? what kinda pricing is it? I can't really find any in the USA aside from a 97b at one site.
  4. These are getting harder to find. I am trying to sell my m24 to buy either this or the full sized one but can only find one place in the USA with it in stock so i've been forced to look for used ones :/
  5. not a big fan of that kinda tact'ed out ak but I say I like it!
  6. modern russian VDV para infantry
  7. Lct RPK74 base gun-$400 classic army gearbox w/gaurder gears, TM piston, Roller bearings- $150 G&P m120 motor- $45 madbull python tightbore 6.03 650mm-$40 LCT hopup-$20 ares autowinding drum magazine-$130 LCT brick red pistol grip-$25 bravo active breaking mosfet-$70 realsteel RPK rear sight-$40 realsteel RPK-74 flash hider-$30 hot power 7.4 20c 4400mah LiPo battery $35 box of MAG rpk74 midcaps(personally refinished) $40 action 1.7j spring(~400fps with .25)-$10 G&P hop up rubber-$5 Tech work-$70 Total=$1110 Sorry bout the multi guns in the one pic, haven't had
  8. probably not what you were expecting but o wells! late 1980's soviet soldier in afghanistan impression/loadout
  9. not gunna lie that looks really awesome.
  10. Can I make a request? I am just hopeing one of you have both. I really am in need of a picture of a realsword type 97B in the same picture of an Aks74u. I am planning to buy a type 97b or type 97 but am trying to get an idea of which of the 2 I would like more. Sadly no shop around here stocks them so I can't just go and hold both
  11. Darklite man you gotta chill, I definitely know where your coming from and agree the duty car thing gets UBER old/annoying. But not every guy who does old school soviet impressions is like that lol. Look at my aksu with wrong mag, suppressor, rail w/ foregrip and such and then look at my afghan kit. There's a time and place for everything. But I do find it annoying when people literally speak like they ARE a propaganda poster... that *suitcase* totally gets on my nerves, not even soviet soldiers talked like that
  12. no your right. I looked it up, this is a replica of a bulgarian SLR107ur
  13. the waffle mag is correct for this particular replica, the replica is of a bulgarian 7.62 krink called the slr106ur(or 7 i dont remember) you are right though in that the aks74u woudlnt take 7.62 mags like the waffle mag and drum. Also I like your snow camo gun, i did soemthign similar with my aks74u last winter
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