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  1. This is my review of the Gen2 FCPC. Ferro concepts put up a pre-order of 30 of them. I picked one up, and it was shipped to me a few days ago. I loaded it out with some choice accessiories, and went and got some in-game time with the FCPC. Some things about this review. The FCPC in this picture has been used. Some molle may be stretched/dirty/bent etc. Those were from use, not imperfections from the maker. The cummerbund is not included in the review as it is my personal one. I bought the FCPC without a cummerbund, so I don't have the option to review it. I will be splitting this
  2. Picked up a TS Crye AOR2 combat shirt and pants, as well as some Ferro concepts gaiters. Diggin the AOR2!
  3. BFG bandoleer holds 6 mags. It's what I run with it.
  4. Picked this up as a secondary/uber light weight rig. Kitlist: BFG RACKminus BFG upright utility pouch BFG admin pouch BFG Pistol Tenspeed pouch BFG torniquet holder CAT/Shears muh glowsticks NACRE quietpro PTT/headset HT1000
  5. Last iteration of my all multicam loadout. Switching to AOR colors (still gonna keep the multicam cryes for the time being) and aiming for a more realistic loadout.
  6. So this is why SEALs are so accurate. Who needs BUDS when you have a Wilcox mount.
  7. He might have NODS that require a rhino arm.
  8. Kitlist: -Mayflower APC -Mayflower APC mag insert -First Spear Armor Carrier pads -PIG elastic cummerbund -EssTac KYWI triple mag pouch] -BFG Torniquet holder -CAT -MS3 sling -PTT -Hydro -Mantis Banger holsters -Pantac MAP -HSGI Radio pouch -GP68
  9. Talk about high speed low drag!
  10. Really digging the EBRs in here
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