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  1. Picked up a TS Crye AOR2 combat shirt and pants, as well as some Ferro concepts gaiters. Diggin the AOR2!
  2. Last iteration of my all multicam loadout. Switching to AOR colors (still gonna keep the multicam cryes for the time being) and aiming for a more realistic loadout.
  3. Talk about high speed low drag!
  4. I know about the pistol mags, already changed that. The webbing is a war sports war bungee.
  5. I don't know anything that can cut that lol
  6. Nope, medic shears. Cuts everything and then some!
  7. Anybody willing to sell me the stock hop up? PM if interested.
  8. That's a nice sweater you have there.
  9. Short Stack


    Well in the US laws are a bit different, as are fields. We also don't have an entire area locked down for a .22 shell.
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