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  1. no its not wider. the problem is not the slide! the problem is the frame. the rail area is like 2mm thicker (top to bottom, not side) over 17/22 spec! that's the part that makes it not fit. guarder, guns modify they all copied that wrong design (cause all they can do is copy, never create). you are thus limited to large frames (any 10mm, 45) holsters (Blackhawk etc) OR bad tolerance 17 holsters (fab defense etc). the above only applies to hard shells. since everybody and their dog makes kydex in their basement now, its on a per basis what fits what. leather holsters for 17 fit ai
  2. Always wanted to see those mag plates in use. So glad I didn't buy em. they look so nice not on a gun..
  3. CZFan

    CZ Picture Thread

    The gearbox may be enclosed and unique to fit the body shape, but the internals are made of wet noodles. so plan on dumping at least 100$ in internals in your 400$ gun (or 450 if you bought it early on). (unless you live in communist england and cant have anything over 50fps. then they hold up well). by the time you are done, you really are pushing PTW territory. early evos had the cheaper ascu unit too which gave problems. that was changed since. i think the difference is in how well the circuits are sealed. you have to open the gun to look to tell which one you have. maybe somebody will
  4. CZFan

    CZ Picture Thread

    airsoft systems is local btw. but I wish they would stop using these terrible cheap as *fruitcage* nasty Chinese wires to save a cent
  5. post these on any major gun forum. don't tell them its airsoft. *nobody* would ever tell. 10/10 collection. a pleasure to look at
  6. Whew awesome info. I've sent a request to modify the order to just 1 for testing purposes. The only reason I got excited was because it doesn't have the pinkie cut out at the bottom (my personal bane with most glocks)
  7. Don't bother I just did. They are identical and "fit" except that the lip on the real one is a little wider.. essentially they cannot be secured in a non permanent way. 22.6 vs 24.6 mm lip width and stark is 24.4x mm so close really never thought it wouldn't fit.. this is the most annoying thing ever. everything else is perfect, the guarder round follower latches just fine too. sigh
  8. the issue is the square bottom follower.. the guarder RS like plates come with that part so you can mount it onto WE/TM anybody got any exp with the guns modify gen3 frames? I have some on order as I noticed they don't have the pinkie cut out but I wonder if I should order more while im binging at WGC... any posts in here with those?
  9. CZFan

    CZ Picture Thread

    We need a P10c.. sadly as I've said in the past, the fake trademarks on ASG products really hurts them.... rather they stop putting them altogether so people can burn the right ones. Its worse that even KJ doesn't have the master blanks so even their versions are stamped. They need to up their game given what umarex and cybergun via VFC are putting out now. Anyway, 2017 update on this thing (from that massive thread a long time ago). SS captive guiderod fitted. ... literally from a company called http://ssguiderods.com/ Im using their stuff in a few things now. No more jumping spring and
  10. yes same design. from my builds, and im not really a man of 1000 glocks like some others, so my experience isn't vast, only steel builds need that area reinforced with plastic welder (4000psi+ variety). but then such heavy things running on propylene (because propane is for posers) tend to cause other issues, like the pins sliding out of the frame due to all the force
  11. 10/10 digest. its a hk3 barrel with guarder hop up housing. it was very hard to actually get it in the (outer) barrel in the first place.. the detent pin would not clear as it normally does. i'll check the tolerances soon and grind as needed. does anyone know of a cheap barrel for these as the stock one with the we internal threading is triggering me anyway. cheapest I seen is 29$ for a guns modify fluted off wgc. but I want something cheaper. as I said, this is totally just a shelf build, so nothing expensive will ever go in it. Every time I say ill do something the next day, I jus
  12. My order of gen2 frames arrived. I made this parts bin build. Total cost 25$.... there is the issue of the slide not going the 1mm forward but that's likely due to the barrel. it will either wear out over time and sit in place or i'll change that. don't care, just a test build. The hammer housing pin is way loose. had to epoxy it in (still drying). not sure what's up with that. both UAC and marui/we pins just drop out of there. Looks like guarder messed up and made the hole way bigger than gen3.
  13. CZFan

    Other pistols

    hk3p lower (because more trademarks), WE upper (because had a spare upper slide) with phoenix steel kit. eventually I want to get the entire fire group in steel but I hardly ever use the gun..... well more like I never use it.
  14. CZFan

    CZ Picture Thread

    Im pointing things out in case somebody years down the road looking for collectables presumes they fixed *anything* over the KJ oem to make it prototypical as one should expect at that price (come on, its basically RWA GRP 1911 category) Show me where I critiqued him for buying it? Show me where I said it is a bad product? Show me where I said he or you or whoever shouldn't buy it. I will however point out every flaw I can see on a 900$ kit. If you don't like that, that's unfortunate, for you. It needs to be said because at this level, the expectations are higher. The issue tbh isn
  15. CZFan

    CZ Picture Thread

    I knew somebody would buy that. Did you get it from AST or redwolf? it was/is like 100$ cheaper on RW... still in stock last I looked. There is no way I can give them that much money given they just copied the preB kj design. We don't even get updated sight cuts. fail. trademarks are also unhistorical (preB had stamped, not laser/cnc etched. prime did the same travesty with their kits and now RAT follows. the only company to ever get them right was KSC with the Taiwan metal release in early 2000s)
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