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  1. CZFan

    WE All new P-series GBB pistol

    taiwan is china. check mate. since you want to get uppity over it actually the p320 was somewhat announced by WE over a year ago. and i was asking in case i missed it or if any release details have happened since the last time this thread was updated, in july. its not beyond the realm of logic to wonder if something moved along in 3 months.
  2. CZFan

    WE All new P-series GBB pistol

    this is the first new model ive been excited about in a long time.. its now almost october.. and still nothing and they use the same design because china can only copy. they never innovate. 2nd reason is if it works, why bother with it. keeps costs down
  3. CZFan

    Glock Picture Thread

    no its not wider. the problem is not the slide! the problem is the frame. the rail area is like 2mm thicker (top to bottom, not side) over 17/22 spec! that's the part that makes it not fit. guarder, guns modify they all copied that wrong design (cause all they can do is copy, never create). you are thus limited to large frames (any 10mm, 45) holsters (Blackhawk etc) OR bad tolerance 17 holsters (fab defense etc). the above only applies to hard shells. since everybody and their dog makes kydex in their basement now, its on a per basis what fits what. leather holsters for 17 fit airsoft just fine btw as that stretches enough. no I don't have a pancake solution. just the various holsters for airsoft (black cat, guarder) which are all duty type or ispca. there WAS a Chinese knockoff of the serpa holster MANY years ago made to airsoft TM spec. airsoftmike (the dude on youtube who dresses like a ninja) made a review of it. but item is long gone from market due to awesome things such as patents and them using the Blackhawk name and label to send that worldwide
  4. CZFan

    Glock Picture Thread

    Always wanted to see those mag plates in use. So glad I didn't buy em. they look so nice not on a gun..
  5. CZFan

    CZ Picture Thread

    The gearbox may be enclosed and unique to fit the body shape, but the internals are made of wet noodles. so plan on dumping at least 100$ in internals in your 400$ gun (or 450 if you bought it early on). (unless you live in communist england and cant have anything over 50fps. then they hold up well). by the time you are done, you really are pushing PTW territory. early evos had the cheaper ascu unit too which gave problems. that was changed since. i think the difference is in how well the circuits are sealed. you have to open the gun to look to tell which one you have. maybe somebody will know what teh cut off date is on old vs new (then again old stock can never be accounted for)
  6. CZFan

    CZ Picture Thread

    airsoft systems is local btw. but I wish they would stop using these terrible cheap as *fruitcage* nasty Chinese wires to save a cent
  7. CZFan


    The fns cracks the slide @ where the recoil spring sits. sure, it takes like 4k rounds but it begins bending outward way earlier. 3 slides and counting now the glocks ALL crack the slide where the breech meets the front of the barrel chamber. There are allegedly mods to minimize that but aren't worth much. I dumped all my stark (vfc) glocks long ago. running guarder and assorted on the marui platform now and haven't looked back. I don't have the PPQ and haven't ran the VP9 long enough to see if that one does it too, but people complain about issues with the trigger bar, which is odd as its the same system as the FNS... no interest in HK guns in general so the USP/45/45c I haven't touched. VP9 was the odd one out I just picked cause I got a good deal at the time FNX features the self eating internals (especially if you use DA and decocker) so chances are you wont get to testing the slide on it as the rest of the gun will fail long before. Mine sits on a shelf, having 3 mags run through it total. But I suspect with enough use, the slide will give in the recoil spring seat as well. I don't have issues with KSC/KJ/KWC pot metal doing that. Just VFC.... On some of the spare outer barrels I have, you can literally see the casting pores and how they have been covered by the extra thick powdery paint they coat with. Strip that off and you have craters of the moon all over their casts. 0/10 red gas aka propylene is only marginally if any higher pressured than propane. its typically good for winter as it cools down way less than propane. I have bottles of the stuff. CO2 when it comes to the stark is not any stronger than green gas. the magazine in WE and VFC glock platforms are extremely restrictive when it comes to CO2 compared to say the KJ CZ series. The KJW not glock glock CO2 mag doesn't work well in others because it requires insanely strong hammer spring to press the valve enough (150% on the marui platform wont cut it, you need like 200% spring at least and APS is the only one that makes that)
  8. CZFan


    fns glocks
  9. CZFan


    Not going to say I am not, however you need to remember why they have them now and not from the get go. Don't forget how VFC tried to slip 400-500$ pieces of *suitcase* with zinc internals that failed after few magazines and only after people were about to drive them under they went to steel of some sort. Now that they have fixed those, their metal slides continue to crack and break. With vfc its always something.
  10. CZFan


    I applaud that VFC is trying to make interesting guns. They are seriously *suitcase* in the quality department because cost savings, but at least you can look toward their version 2 of any rifle they release 2-3 years down the road, featuring non cannibalizing internals in 4 magazines type changes. that said, maybe they finally learned... recent pistols are essentially all steel inside. maybe this time they get it right first time with a rifle
  11. CZFan

    Videos Thread !

    your ocd with that gun is in overdrive. nope im still not buying one but ill watch your vids instead.
  12. CZFan

    Videos Thread !

    nope. still not going to buy one. ill be that lone hold out to not buy one. mainly because I know the incoming money sink if I do. I shall resist
  13. CZFan

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    post these on any major gun forum. don't tell them its airsoft. *nobody* would ever tell. 10/10 collection. a pleasure to look at
  14. CZFan

    Glock Picture Thread

    Whew awesome info. I've sent a request to modify the order to just 1 for testing purposes. The only reason I got excited was because it doesn't have the pinkie cut out at the bottom (my personal bane with most glocks)
  15. CZFan

    Glock Picture Thread

    Don't bother I just did. They are identical and "fit" except that the lip on the real one is a little wider.. essentially they cannot be secured in a non permanent way. 22.6 vs 24.6 mm lip width and stark is 24.4x mm so close really never thought it wouldn't fit.. this is the most annoying thing ever. everything else is perfect, the guarder round follower latches just fine too. sigh

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