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  1. Has anyone got one of Bitter End's mesh face guards? It looks accommodating of a good cheek-weld, but I'd wonder how a larger piece of steel would hold up to hits (I think increased area decreases bend resistance, but I'm again posting while tired, and in the thread where I've gaffed previously for the same reason no less).
  2. Incredible pics Sniperman, but have you got any more of the Bone? I've got a soft spot for those...
  3. I would hate to take a burst to the centre of mass in her loadout...And I would hope that more people could be gentlemanly, because some of what was said here was absolutely uncalled for.
  4. Is that the real thing, or a clone? Where do I get one?
  5. Ok, it just didn't look like the pants had any black in them, hence my confusion. It's a great loadout though, and I love the AK.
  6. CapaciousZephyr what camo is that? And nice cat by the way.
  7. Let this remind me never to post when I'm not entirely awake...
  8. Another good write up uscmCorps, definitely have to check these out. I was just wondering, do you think that taking clear plastic ((like from safety goggles)) and mounting it inside the metal plate would deal with the possibilities of shards?
  9. Anybody in the market for a kidney? I've got one here, ready to go, perfect condition...
  10. Non, monsieur. Si vous comprenez l'anglais, lisez-vous cette article: http://arniesairsoft.co.uk/?filnavn=/proje...odg3/woodg3.htm Je le traduirais pour vous, mais j'ai peur que je le fasse mal . Bon chance, et j'espere que ma francais n'est pas trop mal.
  11. 'Tis ok, we all make mistakes. uscmCorps, how far did your Ranger buddy have to scrape in to reach the glowy, possibly radioactive stuff?
  12. Considering the realism of these things, I'd say yeah it should. All the more reason to pick one up then ((My pocketbook is going to hate me)).
  13. A Bottle Opener! I can must haz! All joking aside, the ARM looks like the one for me. Thanks for the help guys, hopefully I'll liberate some funds so I can buy one before they're gone.
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