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  1. Spencedaddy

    M14 Picture Thread

    you spelled dessert wrong ^^
  2. Spencedaddy

    M14 Picture Thread

    Hydre, that flash hider looks to be about like 5 inches.wow. and the scope, wow. and the stock....i want one... such a beautiful gun BigAl, i was looking at that gun and saying to myself, "Self, that looks pretty freakin sweet...but on the other had Self, if that were real steel....that would be like shooting a .50BMG 1911....but it sure looks cool!" and then i went to bed with myself, and slept with, myself, and when i woke up.i made myself a cup of english breakfast tea.to enjoy with my delicious oatmeal. what i'm trying to say is...nice gun..and my oatmeal was goooood
  3. Spencedaddy

    M14 Picture Thread

    my god i need to do something about mine, its plain, and just aching for some costumization, i think that a paintjob will be best, something really really off the wall, like camo, but with some cool airbrushing or something on the buttstock, maybe a motto or something...by the way, where are those cheek rests that are laced on, blackhawk? how much?
  4. Spencedaddy

    Glock Picture Thread

    yeah..thats a real Katana...KSC Glock 17 with G&G slide

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