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  1. Marui Spec SAI G34 650 shipped OBO GunsModify SAI G34 slide kit. Black with black fluted outer barrel. Aluminum slide. Steel outer barrel Steel Detonator Warren sights Faux tritium insert, straight eight dot on dot pattern with teeny tiny trademarks Guarder light weight BBU with uprated return spring and guarder nozzle assembly(Marui/KJ spec) complete assembly. AIP hop unit, maple leaf adjustment wheel, maple leaf I-key, maple leaf hop packing Aluminum guide rod with 125% spring. I believe this is also a GM unit A1A extended inner barrel. Longest one that would fit in the G34 outer barrel The frame Guarder Euro frame Guarder front and rear steel chassis Lone Wolf extended takedown lever Guarder serial number tag with Guarder plastic safety delete plate Guarder small internal spring replacements Guarder extended slide stop Guarder extended mag release GM steel trigger bar GM Steel steel zero hammer set ie hammer, hammer roller, sear, and firing pin. Very crisp pull GM 125% hammer spring GM frame pins GM SAI adjustable flat face trigger. It is already set for almost no pretravel GM SAI maxwell Comes with 1 leak free TM mag with SD baseplate mad for this magwell Very tight fitment There are some areas of wear just from being handled. Left side on the rear bottom of the magwell and on the front of the slide. The GM anodizing is thin there. Slight wear on the leading edge of the barrel hood

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