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  1. Camron it's a home mate electric fire control, mk1 am going to make a smaller one next year.
  2. I still have some bits to sort like PTT and radio but almost there.
  3. It's a bump helmet, I've seen it in use with RAF heli ground and maint crews.
  4. I run my source bladder in a mayflower APC, it don't alter the shape at all. I do run it full 3ltrs at 24 hr mil sim events with no issue.
  5. Source make a bladder that fits where the rear plate goes, keeping it low profile. Can be used with or without plate depending on how much water you want. http://source-military.com/product.php?id_product=83
  6. Don't worry about the flag, I went to a mates passing out at pirbright and they had it upside-down. Ooops Oh looking good by the way.
  7. There IMI mate I think G1098 stock them.
  8. My TMC air frame with emerson 2001 cover.
  9. I am running a pantec Map pack on my DCS fits well, looks the same as the one above.
  10. Osprey wasnt issued in 2003? and its never been personnel issue. the first time i saw issued to troops was 2005 and then they where in short suply and they where poorly made molle loops came away on my mk1.
  11. Nice just in time for crimbo lucky bugger
  12. Cheers really liking the warrior kit, been running dry drill and can access all pouches easily and quickly.
  13. Hi all, my kit so far Warrior DCS PC Warrior tripple shingle ACM tan shingles Pantec map pack with hydro CAT motarola with element comtacs TMC molle Mc belt ACM tan shingle ACM tan 9mm double pouch G1098 dump pouch G1098 grenade pouch IMI SIG 229 holster BHI lanyard X6 Emags ACM pouchs will be changed as an when i can afford to, and i have strip the paint of the sig and mich to be painted the the weather is better.
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