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  1. This course of action would also fit their previous dealings with the "G" issue: the ATP
  2. Dealtas did wear RAVs in ACU time. There's this one pic of a dude with one and ucp in front of a chinook
  3. Yup, back in 2001-2003 or so they did
  4. I agree. I slapped a wannabe-Miad grip on it. Way more comfy
  5. You wouldn't happen to have pictures of that?
  6. As leaned on the WA nozzle, it likely has a pin in the back. Just got mine extended today. Pics to come Edit: btw, I replaced the HU-Rubber with a Marui one. This should be interesting....
  7. I believe the 12" kit actually has a cheek raiser included
  8. I've shot it with both WOC and the Masada Kit. Works fine in both. Like the older stanag-type GHK-mags you'll need to file down the sides a little because it's a really tight fit in the mag well. That takes about a minute
  9. I forgot to mention. They also work fine in the Masada Conversion Kit
  10. @ Racegeek: yes, they do. if you have an Ino or G&P, you need to file down the sides where they go into the magwell a little. Their performance seems to be on par with the old GHKs and G&P Pmags, so about 10-15 fps less than prowins
  11. Those 350 ish FPS were measured on a UFC chrono, the 320-330 on a Xcortec. I'd say, you're simply using the wrong type of gas. Abbey gas is made in the UK, don't tell me you can't get it there. Or maybe something like Begadi medium Gas
  12. Had her out in the field yesterday. Awesome little gun. Very loud, heavy recoil. Hopup seem to readjust a little over time. It was like 24°C outside yesterday (that's around 75-80°F) On the field chrono, she had around 350fps. On my own chrono, measued at around 28-30° in the attic, she's < 330fps, both on abbey predator gas. How much lower do you want to go?
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