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  1. are those ebaybanned repros pretty close to the real pattern, im thinking about getting them too
  2. i would recommend a first line. throw a holster on there, possibly a drop leg platform (if thats your thing) and maybe a dumper. maybe paint the gun?
  3. starmonkey, do you have a pic of yourself wearing the Plate Carrier over the combat shirt? im thinking about getting one of those shirts to replace my standard MC top, but i wanna make sure that the Blackwater PC looks ok over it. thanks.
  4. heres a few pics of myself and a few team members during a game last sunday. we're in ACU. it was wet and cold, but we all had a good time.
  5. jimisin, thats awesome! how'd you get hooked up with such a great gig?!?
  6. my current ACU loadout. still waiting for a MICH2000.
  7. a few posed pics of myself and a teammate: *edit here's one more front shot of just myself
  8. thanks, grim! the choice was between wither the bowman replica or the Frogman headset, and i think im going with the bowman because i can put hearing protection over it.
  9. hey grim, are you using the bowman/bowman replica? how do you like it? do you have any more pics of it, say a side view with a hat/helmet? thanks!
  10. i bought one of the BW PCs to replace my CIRAS, and im really loving it. here's a pic of me in it, but i've since changed the pouches around.
  11. i've seen it done with an MP5. pretty good idea if you ask me.
  12. here's a quick pick of me in my new plate carrier. its a lot lighter than my CIRAS and i'm lovin' it so far!
  13. for what it's worth, chillin is right. we've done several tests and a lot of our local games now require glasses of some sort under mesh.
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