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  1. Newest one. Found a nice photo of Taylor and did a quick photoshoping. I love how vibrant her eyes turned out.
  2. Beautiful background in that second picture!
  3. My ride: 1995 BMW 740iL E38. Got new factory Xenon headlights for Christmas. Haven't taken pics yet, but the angel eyes (rings around the high beams) are gone now.
  4. I see lots of potential for that M4.
  5. I'm digging both guns! Especially that MBR!
  6. Gah, unclean PDW! *shields eyes* (I'm just joshin' ya ) Out of curiousity, how is it? I was thinking of getting the VFC as my next gun with the RA-Tech Lipo kit...
  7. Excellent, thanks very much!
  8. Mark seven already? Dayum! I guess Arnie's will never run out of good looking Armalites. Say, does anyone have a pic of a regular size Tango Down vert grip next to a stubby version?
  9. I'd like to throw my two cents here. It's not a matter of what brand of red dot/reticule sight you use to compare. It's a matter of parallax. If a red dot sight isn't parallax-free (like the ARES MARS), it's useless. Aimpoints and EOTechs are usable because they are parallax free. That's the whole point of a red dot sight. So, the video isn't BS. It's quite legitimate.
  10. Dude, that's freakin' badass right there.
  11. I stand corrected... I blame the liberal media. I believe the 3rd generation uses the SCAR-style birdcage flash hider. Honestly, it looks so much better compared to the three-prong.
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